Freakshakes, Lego Batman and an Anniversary #littleloves

Freakshakes, Lego Batman and an Anniversary #littleloves

This week has been a good week. You know when you have one of those weeks when everything just seems to fall into place? (I’m intentionally not mentioning what happened on Wednesday, it certainly doesn’t count as a #littlelove that’s for sure) I think my little day out with the teen on Friday kicked off the weekend nicely and it just got better from there.

I may have dragged the teen around the home departments of Zara and Matalan while I picked up a few bits for my little lounge makeover (I may have bought even more fake succulents. It’s an addiction!). We hit New Look, a billion make up stores and indulged in some seriously good freakshakes.



I even managed to enjoy one that wasn’t going to undo all my hard work on my diet. Mine is this beauty and is just chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, banana and ice. It was absolutely gorgeous and I’m dreaming of recreating it at home.

We had such a lovely time chatting and laughing together. It was so nice to spend some quality time with my girl. We don’t get to do it very often. There’s usually a crazy 5 year old jumping all over us or demanding to go to the park, so a little mum and daughter date was well overdue.

Enough of my ramblings and onto this week’s #littleloves:


I finished You, Me and Tiramisu and have made a start on My Husband’s Wife. It follows Rosie as her perfect family bubble is shattered when her husband leaves her and takes their two children. I’m only a few chapters in and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s beautifully written and has fantastic reviews, so it’s looking promising.


The teen went off to watch Beauty & the Beast on Saturday and absolutely loved it. I wasn’t quite as lucky, the 5 year old dragged his dad and I to watch Lego Batman instead. He adored every moment of it and danced his way down the aisle after it finished. We were lucky to get the entire cinema to ourselves aswell, which was a bit of a luxury. I’ve always fancied my own cinema room!

I’ve also been binge watching Call the Midwife on Netflix. Believe it or not I never watched the first few series so I’m filling in the gaps.


breakfast hash

I’ve been making some seriously delicious diet friendly food this week. This is breakfast hash, a Weight Watchers recipe I meant to make for breakfast on Sunday morning but ended up making for dinner on Wednesday night. The photo is a bit naff, but it sure tasted great and it was so easy to throw together. Just new potatoes, onions, mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes (the Mr had his topped with fried eggs).

Other things coming out of my kitchen this week have been dark chocolate and honeycomb mousse, which is pretty damn amazing, blueberry scones and white chocolate and strawberry mousse. Diet, what diet!?!


The teen bought herself a gorgeous new black jumper with pink embroidery on the sleeves and a new bag when we went shopping on Friday. I would link to the jumper but I can’t find it online.

I was thrilled when I arrived at school on Friday to collect the little one after my day out with the teen and got a few ‘wows’ out of the staff. Apparently when I straighten my hair, put a bit of makeup on and step out of my usual jeans and a jumper uniform I scrub up quite well!


I’ve had this song stuck in my head since we saw Lego Batman at the weekend.

And lastly…

I’m looking forward to a chilled weekend. There’s the Love Actually sequel tomorrow night for Comic Relief, which I’m desperate to see. Who doesn’t love Love Actually after all!? It looks like the sun will be shining for us over the weekend so perhaps we’ll brave the beach for a wander and of course build a sandcastle or ten.

It’s 8 years on Saturday since the man and I started seeing each other again after we got back in touch on facebook after dating when I was 18. We aren’t doing anything special to mark the occasion, although we may well end up going for that date night we’d planned and never went on next week.

And of course it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. I’ve bought a chicken and told the Mr and the teen they are responsible for cooking it on Sunday while I put my feet up. We could of course have gone out for lunch, but I’m determined to keep the pounds off after losing another 3lb last week.

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!


  1. March 24, 2017 / 7:10 am

    That’s a great weight loss well done! The freakshake looks incredible. Having the cinema to yourself was lucky, shame about the film tho lol. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day x #LittleLoves

  2. March 24, 2017 / 10:20 am

    I really really really want to see Beauty and The Beast!! Will have to wait for the Easter holidays! Sounds like your day with the teen was lovely! Those freakshakes look amazing!! Well done for the continued weight loss! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. March 24, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Oh my word. That freakshake looks amazing! It sounds like you had a lovely lunch date with your daughter, quality time is precious isn’t it? You’ve been making lots of delicious things this week! That breakfast hash looks yummy. I’m desperate to see Beauty & The Beast, I love Emma Watson. Enjoy your weekend, have a lovely mother’s day xx

  4. March 24, 2017 / 8:25 pm

    Sounds like a lovely day with your daughter. I’d rather see beauty and the beast than lego too! Although the cinema to yourself does sound good.

  5. March 25, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    Sounds like you’re doing amazingly well on your diet and that breakfast fry up actually looks yummy. And the freak shakes? Wow! I really enjoy shopping with my teen girls now that they actually like clothes. Not that they ever let me buy anything! Can’t wait to watch Beauty and the Beast myself, hope you get to watch it soon too; I’m not so keen on the Lego Batman movie 😉 Have a lovely sunny weekend. xx

  6. March 26, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    I’m with you when it comes to wanting to watch Beauty & the Beast over the Batman Movie. Still a cinema screening al to yourselves sounds a great treat as does that freakshake. #LittleLoves

  7. March 27, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Wow! That freakshake looks AMAZING! I really want to see Beauty and the Beast too…….! Sounds like a good week!

  8. March 29, 2017 / 9:55 am

    Oh wow! Look at that freakshake! Amazing!
    I really want to see Beauty and the Beast too, we’re hoping to see it this weekend. I enjoyed Lego Batman when we went to see it a little while ago, it definitely entertained the whole family.
    Hope you’re having a good week x

  9. March 29, 2017 / 10:46 am

    Sounds like a really lovely week. Those freakshakes look amazing!!! I saw Beauty and The Beast this week, you need to see it! It’s been done so well. I am really loving New Look for little homewares at the moment and Zara! Perfect for living rooms <3 . Your dinner looks so yummy, I am obsessed with making healthy food at the moment! But you have more stamina than me, I would have caved and indulged in a freakshake. So good they have healthy options though #littleloves xx

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