For the Love of ……. Vlogs

For the Love of ……. Vlogs

I’ll admit, when it comes to vlogs I’m a complete novice. I hardly sit down to watch them, yet when I do I find myself getting lost for hours watching numerous videos from a channel. Then watching videos on channels recommended based on what I’ve just watched.

These are three I’ve found over the last week that struck a chord with me for whatever reason:

Emily Norris

This is a vlogger I hadn’t heard of before, although she has a massive following. She’s one of the Channel Mum vloggers and has a huge vlogging repertoire. Vlogging about anything from organisation and cleaning to travel and shopping.

I picked this video as I seriously need to get my head in the game when it comes to organisation. Since we moved and the kids started their new schools, I’ve found myself craving routine yet not quite nailing it. So fingers crossed these tips will help me. Plus she reminded me I need to find a cleaner!

Ash – Mama Reid

Another new one on me. I stumbled across this channel and immediately picked up on this video as I love Scotland and Ash’s accent is just gorgeous. The fact that she filmed this vlog before going out for the night while drinking a glass of wine, just made me like her even more.

Her channel is packed with loads of gorgeous videos featuring her kids, shopping hauls, travel and lifestyle hacks. Another one to add to my list of vloggers to watch.

Chloe Boucher

I love make up tutorials. Once upon a time I used to be pretty good with make up, but I seem to have lost my way (and my patience for it) over the years. I stumbled across Chloe’s channel over the weekend and have watched pretty much all her videos already. She is absolutely stunning and I love that her personality comes across in her videos too.

The whole contouring/strobing thing is completely lost on me, so I’ve been watching with interest how she creates a perfectly contoured look. This is one of my favourite looks. God I wish I was young and skinny again!

So there you have it, 3 totally new vloggers to me, but equally ones I’ll definitely be watching again.


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  1. September 18, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    Oooooo Not heard of the last two, so will definitely check those out! Love Emily, been following her channel for a while now!

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