For the Love of…. TV

For the Love of…. TV

Now autumn is practically upon us and the weather is rapidly deteriorating, I’m loving snuggling up on the sofa at night to watch TV. And by snuggling up, I mean under my 5 year old’s dinosaur blanket once the kids are in bed, because that’s how I roll.

Here’s what I’ve been watching over the last month or so:

The Client List

I discovered this little gem on Netflix when I was hunting for something to watch recently and binge watched the whole first season. I’m halfway through the second (and last) series and I almost don’t want it to end. The series ended back in 2013, and it’s one which passed me by, but it’s well worth a watch.

It follows Riley, a Texas housewife, who finds herself broke after her husband disappears, leaving her with a mortgage and two young kids to support. She takes a job in a spa, but soon finds out that some of her colleagues provide ‘extras’ to top up their wages. Of course you’ll guess Riley ends up doing the same, but she also manages to carve out quite the business for herself when she takes over the spa. But of course leading a double life starts to catch up with her and you see how things start to unravel as Riley struggles to keep on top of things at home and at the spa.

Game of Thrones

Predictable much? But how can I write about tv I love and not mention Game of Thrones? It was pretty damn amazing after all.

It’s funny but I never saw myself getting into it at all. I didn’t even started watching it until everyone else was 4 series in. Dragons, giants, the army of the dead. It all sounded a bit too fantasy land for me. But it turns out it makes an amazing watch. And I can’t get enough of it. I just wish a certain author would hurry up and finish the latest book so I can get my literary fix!


My inner history geek celebrated the return of Victoria to ITV a few weeks ago. I love this show. Victoria’s rise from mollycoddled princess to Queen, after the death of her father and his three older brothers, was depicted beautifully in series one. And so far series two hasn’t disappointed.

I’m becoming more and more interested in the role of women throughout history. And Victoria is one such woman whose story just fascinates me. This series so far has explored her struggle with her role as Queen, while also trying to be a wife and mother. And we think we have it bad!

for the love of

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  1. September 11, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    I have never got in to GOT! It’s just not my cup of tea. I’ve not heard of The Client List so will have to check that out. I’ve never given Victoria a chance, everyone says I will love it, but I have never tuned in! Will have to try and catch up with it!

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