How to Exclude Your IP Address from Your Blog Traffic

How to Exclude Your IP Address from Your Blog Traffic

If you have a blog or a website, or even work in social media like me, you’ll want accurate results on Google Analytics. Google Analytics will record all visits to your website regardless of where they’re from, including your own, unless you tell it not to.

If like me, you’re constantly messing around on your blog, reading comments or just generally playing around with it, your views will show up. And you don’t want that if you want accurate page views to show on your analytics.

How on earth do I stop my page views from showing up on my blog traffic I hear you ask. It’s actually really simple when you know how. Follow these easy steps and you’ll soon be able to measure traffic to your blog accurately and quickly.

How to Find Your IP Address

Simply google ‘what’s my ip address’. Your IP address will display as the first result in the search results.

How to Exclude Your IP Address in Google Analytics

  • Login to Google Analytics.
  • Click on the admin link (the settings cog shown below on the right in orange)

Exclude IP address in Google Analytics


  • Click on Filters in the third column under the ‘View’ heading.


exclude ip address


  • Click the red ‘Add Filter’ button.


exclude ip address

  • Give your filter a name – I’ve used ‘Home IP Address’ as this is where I access my blog from the most.
  • Under filter type select ‘exclude’, ‘traffic from the IP addresses’ and ‘that are equal to’ from the predefined drop downs.
  • Type your IP address in the relevant box.
  • Click the blue save button.

And voila! You’re done. It really is as simple as that.

*Note that your IP address exclusion won’t be backdated, so it will only start recording from the date you set the filter. If you don’t have a static IP Address you won’t be able to exclude your IP as it’s constantly changing. You’ll also want to exclude any staff member’s IP Addresses if they work from home or other locations. 

Want to know how to exclude your IP Address from your blog traffic? Follow these easy steps
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