Exciting Things for Children to Do in The Garden

Exciting Things for Children to Do in The Garden

Having a garden opens you up to so many wonderful opportunities, especially when it comes to the children. Being able to enjoy the beautiful fresh air in the comfort of your own home is a luxury that should be made the most of, and not only is it a great way to enjoy summer, but there are also lots of health benefits too. Getting your children out and into the garden for at least one hour per day through the warmer months is really beneficial to their health as well as mindset, so it’s certainly worth doing. Here is a selection of exciting things for your little ones to do to enjoy the garden and make some fabulous memories at the same time.

Messy Play

Getting dirty is one of the most exciting things to little ones. They simply can’t help themselves when it comes to a muddy puddle or getting chocolate all over their faces, but that’s part of the fun of being young! Messy play is an amazing way for your children to express themselves and have some fun whilst getting messy, whether that’s through hand and finger painting, making some mud pies and so on. Whilst messy play isn’t something you always want to do in the house, there is nothing stopping you from grabbing a few play mats and having some messy fun in the garden. The benefits to garden messy play is that you have the option to rinse down the area afterwards with the hose pipe, or just let mother nature do the work next time it decides to rain!

Den Building

Building dens is a brilliant way to have the little ones put their minds to something new and get creative. From simple projects such as draping a tarpaulin between two trees, to larger projects with tents and bedsheets, you can get really adventurous and create some fabulous dens. Giving your children a project (with your help) to get stuck into will help keep their creativity flowing and encourage them to think outside the box. There’s nothing quite as exciting as building a great den in the back garden that they can hide in and create some fun memories with.

Growing Gardeners

When the warmer weather starts to set in and you can enjoy the garden without having to worry about heavy rainfall or snow, you can finally start to think about which flowers you’d like to introduce to brighten up your garden area. This is a really good project to get your little ones to help with, as not only does it give them something fun and exciting to do in the garden, but it also helps to educate them and keep them focused on something interesting. From potting your favourite plants, to growing some vegetables in your vegetable patch, you can encourage your children to take more of an interest in nature and give them a sense of responsibility when it comes to tasks such as watering the plants to keep them healthy.

Scavenger Hunt

It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden may be, if you have some outdoor space that you can use then setting up a scavenger hunt is a great idea. Create some useful clue cards for your children to use and hide some tasty treats around the garden for them to look for. The clues should explain to them where they need to go next in order to find the following clue, as well as how to find their chocolate treat. This is perfect for allowing your children to think about the task in hand and use their skills to figure out each clue, which will give them a huge sense of pride when they manage to find the treats you’ve hidden around the garden.

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