A Day Out at Esplora Malta Interactive Science Centre

A Day Out at Esplora Malta Interactive Science Centre

If you’re holidaying in Malta with kids, the one thing you should do is head to Esplora Malta, the island’s brand new interactive science centre. It’s a great day out for kids of all ages and has quickly topped our list of places to go with kids in Malta.

Whether you want to escape the sun in the heat of the summer. Or occupy the kids when it’s raining, Esplora Malta is the place to go. Located in Kalkara overlooking the Grand Harbour, in the beautiful former Royal Naval Hospital Bighi, it’s a stunning combination of history and modernity.

Esplora Malta

Grand Harbour Malta

But of course the architecture isn’t what the kids come for. There’s two main areas, which you pay to access separately. The Planetarium and the Exhibit Area. We opted for both and paid 43 euros for a family of 4 (although the teen counts as an adult). Probably one of our more expensive days out, but I would pay it all over again just to visit Esplora regularly.


Esplora Planetarium

First up we visited the Planetarium which was full of things to see and touch. You could answer questions about space stations, see how long it took your voice to travel in space. See what you’d look like dressed as an astronaut and answer questions on the amazing interactive solar system flooring.

Solar system floor Esplora Malta

This photo just doesn’t do it justice. A question flashes up in the white boxes on the floor and you have a certain time to answer it. ‘Which planet is known as the red planet’ for example. To answer it you have to step onto the planet in question. Easier said than done when the planets are constantly moving around the ‘solar system’ floor. Kids and adults alike were thrilled with it and happily chased the planets around the floor until it was time for us to go into the planetarium to watch the show we’d chosen to see.

Esplora Malta Planetarium

You can’t take photos during the show but you end up inside the sphere you see in the centre of this photo. Reclining on the comfiest chairs in the world the ceiling comes alive with planets, solar systems, stars, suns, moons and so much more. As we had the 5 year old with us we chose to watch the ‘Perfect Little Planet’ show. It followed a family from another star system as they explored our solar system looking for the perfect planet on which to holiday. The animation was brilliant and the little one was enthralled from beginning to end. I’d definitely recommend seeing a show in the Planetarium if you get the chance, it really is magical.

Main Exhibit

Eye Esplora Malta

Electricity Esplora Malta

Musical coridoor Esplora Malta

DNA Esplora Malta

Sailing Esplora Malta

Building Esplora Malta
The main area of Esplora is just a massive hands on world of all things science. We had fun with electricity, making strings of DNA, building, creating animations and so much more. And there’s a fabulous inside play area where little ones can perform science experiments without even realising they’re doing so.

Outdoor Experience

Outdoor Experience Esplora Malta

Outdoor Experience Esplora Malta

Both kids loved the ‘Outdoor Experience’. There’s so much to discover, from the whispering wall to the water play areas where you can build dams or simply splash about. To the sandpit and pirate ship to the cave and rabbit holes. It was a real favourite with the 5 year old.

Esplora is bright, very clean and full of innovation. It really is the best day out for kids in Malta we’ve discovered so far and one that kids of all ages will enjoy. Not only did our 5 year old have a brilliant time, his 15 year old sister loved it too. And it’s so rare to find something that occupies them both these days.

We spent an afternoon at Esplora Malta and had lunch there in the on site cafe.¬†We could have easily spent another few hours there and not got bored. It’s one of those places you could return to time and again and still find something you missed to try. A fantastic day out for all the family.

A Day Out at Esplora Malta Science Centre
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