Why you Should Embrace Hygge this Winter

Why you Should Embrace Hygge this Winter

If the thought of winter makes you want to roll up into your duvet and hide, then there could be a new mindset that will help to cure those seasonal blues. Why not get a little more Hygge? Never heard of it? Well, Hygge is the Danish art of living well, and we aren’t talking spending hours down the gym or eating a strict macrobiotic diet either. In fact, Hygge is how Danes are supposedly happy all year round – embracing the cold in all its glory and wrapping up against the elements in a cosy, fuzzy cocoon. Think knitwear, hearty soups and stews and staying in this winter, rather than bracing the elements full pelt. Eager to make a change this winter? Read on and get ready to go Hygge.

Home is where it’s at

Hygge is all about keeping your activities home based – the perfect excuse to snuggle up and unwind with a good book or enjoy time with your nearest and dearest. To do this, you will need to make sure that your home is suitably toasty and welcoming all winter long, so do make sure you plan some winter proofing while the weather is still relatively fine. Clean the gutters from fallen leaves and debris, check that your thermostat is working and be sure to book your boiler in for its annual service. You may want to check your window frames too, and companies like Anglian can help if you do decide it’s time for a replacement. So light your smelliest candles and take time to unwind – it is Hygge after all.

Turn it off

Turn off your phone, and your iPad and even your iPod or laptop too. That’s right, if you want to embrace the Danish art of living well, you need to take a step back from technology and the pressures of modern life. Even if you are an Instagram addict, give yourself a break – or cut down if you truly can’t face a day without it. Ok, this might not translate too well at your place of work, but do make sure you are getting regular hourly breaks from your screen if you are desk-based. Less screen time is sure to unleash a happier, healthier new you.

Keep it in the family (and friends too)

Your idea of socialising with your friends might be at the weekly quiz night down your local, but being Hygge requires a slightly more holistic approach. Take time to schedule in quality time with family and friends that doesn’t centre around alcohol. It provides you with the perfect time to whip up some delicious Danish recipes too (with homemade liquors in moderation of course – as Hygge doesn’t encourage deprivation). Do promote the feeling of kinship, good well and general openness this winter – even if you are usually a complete and utter Scrooge. You may even surprise yourself with hidden hostess talents. So go on, give Hygge a chance and improve your overall health and wellbeing like the Danes this winter.

How to Embrace Hygge this Winter

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