The Do’s and Don’ts when Decorating a Smaller Nursery

The Do’s and Don’ts when Decorating a Smaller Nursery

Decorating your little one’s nursery is such an exciting process. There are so many gorgeous elements to consider and different features to include, and with such a gorgeous colour palette and child-based designs, you can really create a stunning space for them. Nurseries’ are often smaller rooms in the home, as you find that your child is grown out of them before you’ve had time to blink, so it’s all about making the smaller space available really work for you and your child. With these useful do’s and don’ts, you’ll be able to design a stunning nursery that even you will never want to leave!

Light Colour Palettes

When you think of babies, you instantly think of pastel colours. It’s a very common trait to have babies in pastels and toddlers in brighter, bolder colours, so you want to select a few delicate pastel shades to use for the nursery. Whether you decide to decorate with the traditional baby blues and baby pinks, or you decide to put a modern twist on your babies’ nursery and introduce some greys and creams, there are so many gorgeous colour ways that you can use to transform the space. Using lighter colours is also a great way to make the most of a smaller space, as the light colour reflects perfectly around the room and really helps to lift the atmosphere and create a fresh sense of space.

Feature Patterns

Alongside the beautiful colour scheme, you’ve chosen, you may want to look at adding one feature wall to the nursery, for added character. By adding a feature wall with a bold pattern, you instantly add an illusion that there is more space within the room than there may actually be, which is ideal when the room is quite small to begin with. Try to stick to minimalist patterns that are going to keep a calm, content feel within the room, as you don’t want the room to be too loud or distracting when you’re trying to settle your little one.

Let Light In

As mentioned above, light colours really help to reflect light around the room and add a sense of space. Another great way to lift the atmosphere within the nursery and keep a fresh, bright feel is to allow as much natural light into the room as possible. Natural light is one of the best things for making a smaller room feel spacious and fresh, and even the smallest of windows still let a valuable amount in. You can then introduce a stylish blind to the window to control how much light is filtering through when it comes to nap time and feeding, to ensure there’s a nice balance for your little one to relax. By introducing delicate detailing such as an oak mirror, you can enhance the amount of light that reflects around the room and transform the space into a room full of character. With simple yet effective touches like this, you will really notice a positive difference in the décor.

Keep it Soft

Babies like to explore, even before they can crawl, and with a little one spending lots of time in their nursery you want to ensure its soft and comfortable for them at all times. It’s not always necessary to have your baby in their cot when spending time in their nursery, for example you may want to have some carpet time where they can wriggle and roll around with a little sense of freedom. Investing in a soft, thick carpet is a great way to ensure they’ll always be comfortable and safe, especially when they begin to crawl and toddle, as any trips or falls will be padded by the carpet you use. Similarly, you want to make sure there are lots of soft teddys around the room, as this will not only give them a child-friendly space to look at, but also give them plenty to play with and snuggle into when they’re able to crawl around and explore a little more.

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