Dinosaurs, Days Out and Getting Crafty #littleloves

We’re nearing the end of the second week of the Easter holidays here. We’ve all so enjoyed the lazy mornings. The days out and even the days doing nothing in particular at home. The weekend started with a trip to the beach. We’ve been to the bookshop, tried out different cafes in the little seaside town nearby, swimming, visited the farm, a wildlife park and a castle. There’s been a haircut for the little guy, an NCS event for the moody teen and the Mr jetted off to work abroad again. And work. How I managed to fit a full-time job in around all that I’ll never know. But it just seemed to flow quite nicely this holiday. Of course, it’s had its moments and it’s not over yet, but we’ve had a great time.

Without further soppy ramblings, here’s what makes it into my #littleloves this week:



I’ve read 2 books this week. The first Shaken and Stirred is the fourth part of the Ottercombe Bay series I’ve been reading. It’s classic chick lit. Girl meets boy, circumstances get in the way, girl and boys get together anyway. But with travelling, being left a derelict old building in a will and an unsolved mystery thrown in for good measure. It’s a really enjoyable series and very easy to read.

Next up was My Big Greek Summer. Which was another brilliant read.¬†After discovering her husband cheated on her Mandy books a last minute getaway to Greece. Finding herself back in the village she holidayed in as a child she realises time hasn’t been kind to this pretty corner of the island. She soon falls in love with both the village and the locals, helping them turn the fate of their businesses around and realising what she really wants from life in the process. This one certainly made me wish I was laying by the pool cocktail in hand.


Did you read Morgana’s latest post – You are the expert – respect your value! I know I’ve shared three of Morgana’s posts in a row lately, but the woman is on fire with amazing blog post after amazing blog post. Do you downplay your ability at work? The skills you’ve learned through blogging, or what you contribute to the running of your home and family? Then this is for you.


One of our days out this week involved dinosaurs – of course, I mean they HAD to be included at some point right! Dino boy has begged to return to Wingham Wildlife Park on numerous occasions since we visited a few months back and by Monday we just couldn’t take the nagging any longer. So off we went and headed straight for the indoor play area and cafe before heading outside to see the dinosaurs. Twice. He’s so enthusiastic about them, not even having to read their names on the boards dotted around. He is that into dinosaurs he can name each one by sight alone and tells us all about them – where they’re from, how big they were etc before we’ve even read the info about them. I’m so proud of my budding palaeontologist. If a little bored of the constant dinosaur talk – his teachers deserve a medal!


The little dude made a fabulous dinosaur mask with his big sister this week. He also bought himself a dinosaur book with his pocket-money, which has lots of stickers to ‘build’ the dinosaurs with.

The moody teen and her friends made some gorgeous rabbits at the pottery painting place near us this week too. I have so many of her pottery creations on my kitchen windowsill now I may need to buy some sort of display cabinet to house them all.


It’s over to the little dude again and his cute new haircut. As you can see it was getting pretty long so he went to his favourite barbers (yes he has a favourite) yesterday. He’s so funny and pouts and grins at himself in the mirror while he’s having his hair cut.


I got a free 90-day trial to Audible so thought I’d take advantage and use it to listen to The Last Kingdom books by Bernard Cornwell. I mentioned I’d watched the BBC series on Netflix last week and couldn’t resist the books too. They’re completely different to those in my ‘read’ section this week in that they’re historical fiction and get pretty gory, but a few chapters in I’m really enjoying the first book.

My podcast addiction has exploded this week. I’ve been listening to a ridiculous amount of podcasts – the usual suspects, as well as others I’ve found while hunting for things I’m interested in. I’ve listened to tips on how to break through the brick walls you often hit when researching your family tree and even witchcraft throughout history. Told you I’m a complete history geek.

And Lastly…

With just three days left of the Easter holidays, we still have lots to pack in. We’ll be revisiting the farm, which has a fab play area and gorgeous little tea room. We need to get our money’s worth after signing the little dude up to a membership after all. Even if the cake in the tea room is way too tempting for my liking. The diet has taken a serious bashing this week. And by this week I mean since I got weighed on Wednesday. Oops!

Next up we still have the amusements to visit. Although seeing as it’s now raining AGAIN, we may well have to wait for the weather to pick up a bit. And I’ve promised the kids an ice cream if they walk along the seafront with me (I need to walk off the treats that accidentally fell into my mouth since I got weighed on Wednesday). But again that may be something which needs to wait until the sun decides to ‘put his hat on’ once more.

It’s back to school on Monday. Back to a routine and goodbye to those luxurious lay-ins. The ones since the Mr went away have been my favourite as they mean I get to wake up alongside the 6 year old. He falls asleep holding my hand and wakes me up by smothering me in kisses and cuddles. It’s something I definitely don’t take for granted anymore. Who knows how much longer he’ll want to do that after all.

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to.

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  1. April 13, 2018 / 2:51 pm

    Oh crafty and days out so jealous sounds like a good break with the family. I still couldn’t drive much so we didn’t get up to much this easter break sadly but we can make up for it next year. Love the adventures snaps here. Glad it was a good one. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. April 13, 2018 / 8:53 pm

    The dinosaur park looks brilliant my two would love it there. Those rabbits are fab that your teen made, she’s painted them beautifully. I’m on an Audiable trial too but listening to the books is making me so sleepy I’m definitely a book in hand kind of girl. Have a fab weekend x #littleloves

  3. April 15, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    Ah I have missed the lie ins as I have had to still take Jack to work but its still been a more chilled out vibe at home. Our two used to love dinosaurs when they were little. I remember their faces when we went to the natural history museum it was priceless bless them and his hair looks so cool. That book looks fab I will have to try it out I adore Greece so it will remind me of sunny days and cocktails. Have a great week x

  4. April 16, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    My teen used to be obsessed with dinosaurs when he was younger, I think all little boys are aren’t they. Love the sound of your 2 books for this week. We seem to have really similar taste in books, as I write alot of your recommendations down. Keep reading and recommending !!! xx
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