Dinosaur Forest at Port Lympne Wildlife Reserve

Dinosaur Forest at Port Lympne Wildlife Reserve

Our trip to Port Lympne wouldn’t have been complete without a wander through the amazing Dinosaur Forest. With a dino crazy 5 year old, it was why we’d chosen to visit Port Lympne above other wildlife parks after all. And it definitely didn’t disappoint.

You’ll find it in Carnivore Territory, opposite Babydolls pizzeria and a play area. We’d already been on the safari and taken a wander down from the house through the apes and big cats. We toyed with the idea of grabbing a bite to eat, but the dinosaurs won.


Within about 30 seconds of being in the Dinosaur Forest my little dino boy was in dinosaur heaven. He simply could not believe his eyes and was dashing from dinosaur to dinosaur. Stroking them, talking to them and squealing in absolute delight.

Don’t forget to look up!

Gotta love a dinosaur fact or two

This boy could not get any happier

It started to rain when we were among the dinosaurs. So seeing as we were able to keep relatively dry under the trees, we went round again for yet more dino fun.

As you can tell, Dinosaur Forest is paradise for dinosaur lovers. After going round twice, the little one would have quite happily gone round again. And has already been begging to go back again.

The forest itself is big enough to take 10 – 15 minutes to walk around. But if like us you want to take snaps of the children with the dinosaurs and read all about them, it can take around half an hour. The statues themselves have been designed with the help of paleontologists, so are as lifelike as possible – as confirmed by my very own budding paleontologist. And some are absolutely huge, towering above you as you walk through the trees.

Just the look on dino boy’s face when he saw the dinosaurs was worth the muddy walk. We will most definitely be back, not that I expect I have a choice in the matter!

Visiting Dinosaur Forest at Port Lympne Wildlife Reserve
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