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When I’m having a bad week, or indeed a good week, the first thing my mind has been programmed to do is eat. Food has so often been my comfort blanket. I ate away my loneliness when I was a single mum. I ate my way through depression. And I ate my way through the sheer boredom and again loneliness that being an expat can bring. So it’s almost inevitable that when I get bad news I bury it in a sea of empty cake boxes and takeaway wrappers. But not this week. This is the week I learned to say no.

It’s the first week my healthier approach to eating was more important than shrouding my feelings in a blanket of food. And luckily for me it paid off and I lost even more than I thought I would.

What I ate

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Nothing like a roast dinner is there? And luckily I can carb it up to my hearts content and still lose weight. The only points/syns on this plate are for the stuffing and the gravy, the rest can be eaten in unlimited amounts. And as I don’t have a roast that often I certainly take that to heart when I’m devouring 97,000 potatoes!

We’ve also tucked into curry, taco style pasta bake and spag bol this week. I’ve had banana and cinnamon baked oats pretty much every morning with a big dollop of nutella, accompanied by iced coffee and enjoyed the odd treat too. I must admit to getting a bit bored with my dinners though so I need to start making more of an effort again.


Why I put this section in I’ll never know. I don’t exercise. I have been in the pool every day however and always make sure I get a couple of lengths in even if I have to do it with a 5 year old on my back.


I was expecting a pound off this week. And I would have been very pleased with that. But when I jumped on the scales yesterday morning I’d actually managed to lose 2.4lb! Needless to say there was a bit of happy dancing going on in my bathroom.

It brings me to a total of 1 stone 5.4lb and I couldn’t be happier. I’m off on holiday in 6 weeks so if I could hit the 2 stone mark by then it would be pretty damn amazing. Fingers crossed!

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