Diet Diaries | Getting Back on Track

Diet Diaries | Getting Back on Track

Despite learning to say no to self sabotage recently, the week before last was a bit of a bad one diet wise (and otherwise) for me. And I ended up putting on the 2lb 6oz I’d lost over the previous 2 weeks. With yet more bad news about my grandad’s rapidly deteriorating health and our house move hanging in the balance. Along with uncertainty at work with lots of changes and redundancies, it really has been a crap few weeks.

I’ll admit I had 2 days when I just thought ‘sod this’ (or something slightly less ladylike) and headed straight for the bakery or McDonald’s. But there was also one night when we had no food in and I’d been rushing around all day that I just reached for the Pizza Hut delivery menu. It’s funny but you think you miss these things, but when you actually have them they’re nowhere near as good as you remember them tasting.

This week however I made sure I had time to rustle up something for dinner, even if it was only a quick five minute meal. I cut back on the amount of nutella I was having on my baked oats and went back to portioning some things out rather than just eating until I was full. And luckily it seems to have worked.

What I ate

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I went back to recording my meals on instagram. Not as much as I perhaps should, but when I remembered to at least. I find the weeks I tend to lose are the weeks I record more on instagram. My photos on there are terrible quality, they aren’t styled and are taken using my phone, which has perhaps the worst camera in history on it. But just the simple act of taking a photo of what I’m eating or drinking seems to keep me on track.

This week I’ve been glugging on my favourite iced coffees. Made with just a cup of coffee, a ton of ice and a splash of Walden Farms caramel syrup. I have maybe one or two of these a day and despite being pretty much all ice they’re lovely and creamy and feel like a real treat. I’ve also experimented a little and taken inspiration from some of the fabulous instagram feeds I follow. One such dish was chicken, bacon and mushrooms cooked in chicken stock, wholegrain mustard and a splash of low fat double cream. I made it twice in the end. Once with breadcrumbs flavoured with pepper on top and once stirred through pasta and it’s seriously good.


Does packing boxes and cleaning my house like a mad person count?


I’m not quite too sure how I did it – perhaps it was all that cleaning in 35 degree heat I’ve been doing, but I got all 2lb 6oz I put on the other week off again when I weighed in yesterday morning. So I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself right now.

I won’t promise I’ll be keeping it off as yesterday I may have indulged in 2 profiteroles (although by 7pm I hadn’t eaten all day and was past caring what went into my mouth) and today I had a fry up for Father’s Day brunch with delicious white fluffy bread and butter (that has to be the simplest yet most delicious things you can eat surely!). And the kids were up early baking a Victoria sponge cake for their dad too. So while I will be indulging in a slice of cake later, I’ll also be skipping lunch thanks to the rather hefty breakfast and keeping dinner light too.

Our house move has FINALLY been confirmed and we’ll be leaving Malta in 3 weeks to head back to Blighty. So instead of worrying I can get on with more packing and get organised at long last. I can’t wait to get my hands on things like Quorn sausage patties, fibre one squares and just anything that resembles something healthy. If it isn’t covered in pastry or deep fried it just doesn’t seem to exist here, so it’ll make a nice change fill my shopping basket with things I enjoy and won’t cost me a small fortune (think of a UK shopping bill and double or treble it and you have what we spend here, it’s ridiculous).

I’m under no illusion that I will end up putting on weight over the next month or so. I have a lot going on and we won’t be moving into our own house for a while, so I won’t beat myself up over it. But I will be joining the Weight Watchers group my mum goes to every Friday morning once I get there and I’m hoping having a group to go to, plus a regular date in the diary with my mum to perhaps go for a walk after group, will help me in the long run.

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