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In an effort to get my weight under control (again!) it’s diet time again on Monday! I did half heatedly start last Monday and lost a pound, but for a first week at my weight that’s pretty pathetic, but its a pound off so I’m not going to complain. The scales were favourable this morning, but we’ll see if I do end up losing once Monday comes around.

My mum and I were going to go to Slimming World as I lost 4 stone in 20 weeks following it last year, but I would prefer not to spend a fiver to have someone weigh me when I could quite capably do that myself. So my mum decided that she would come round every Monday when I get in from work and we’ll weigh ourselves, take measurements (I’ve sent off for some flash new measuring tape things from Rosemary Conley) and photos to record our progress. My mum has about 2 stone to lose and I want to lose at least another 4 stone. E rather helpfully drew us a poster to put on the door when our “diet club” as she calls it is on:

Apparently it’s a before and after! I’m quite worried as I didn’t realise I currently look like a huge ball with a tiny little head so I’m hoping it’s actually my mum rather than me! Don’t you just love kids!?!

I am going to set myself a few little goals while I’m in a positive mood about losing weight:

1. 15 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. I thought this would be quite easy to fit in as 15 minutes always went so quickly when I was exercising before and I can easily fit it into my day rather than trying to fit in an hour here or there.

2. 5 stomach crunches every evening. I have to do reverse ones and lift my legs rather than my top half because of my dodgey back, but I read in a magazine that if you start on 5 a night now and increase by 5 every week, you’ll be doing 100 crunches a night by summer which sounds pretty impressive! (Besides if it shifts the mass of flesh that is in actual fact my stomach then it’ll be worth it!)

3. Lose 1 stone by the time I visit M. This is doable as I doubt I will be flying out to see him until the end of February and that will give me 5 weeks to shift a stone.

4. Lose half a stone a month after that. Again this should be doable at my weight.

5. Be more active in general. Once the weather improves I want to walk more rather than relying on the car to get me everywhere. I’m so lazy I even drive to the local shop which is a five minute walk away!

6. Plan meals in advance. This will be good from both a diet point of view and financially as I wont waste food or buy anything unnecessarily if I plan what I’m going to be making each day at the weekend.

Well that’s the plan, only time will tell if it works!

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  1. January 16, 2010 / 3:51 pm

    >It sounds like your goals are realistic and achievable so you've put yourself in a good place. I've just invested in a pedometer as I want to increase my activity and I was SHOCKED to see how little I move during the day; I'm sure thats the secret to losing weight even if you don't turn into a fitness freak, a little extra activity really makes a difference. Good luck with the weight loss.

  2. January 17, 2010 / 12:36 pm

    >Gosh, great picture and very life-like! Well done on having the determination to go through with this; so often people just give up, including me. CJ xx

  3. January 17, 2010 / 8:48 pm

    >Thanks girls, here's to a slimmer 2010!

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