Why Custom Wedding Rings are a Better Buy

Why Custom Wedding Rings are a Better Buy

Let’s say you have been with the lady of your dreams for a decade now and you are finally ready to pop the question. Now comes the scariest part of all – finding the ideal engagement ring that will make her cry with delight and have her showing off to her friends forever more. If you have found it already, the next thing you should look for are your wedding rings.

If you are already considering whether or not to get a custom ring made or just pick out mass-produce pieces in a store, we want to tell you why a custom ring is the way to go. Yes, both types of rings will show how much your care and want to spend the rest of your life with her, but it’s sort of comparable to writing her a love song or buying her a CD. They’re both special, but one took a lot more effort.

The Benefits of Custom Rings

1. Far Better Quality

While mass-produced rings may be more cost-effective, you do get what you pay for. They are exactly what you find online in the jewellery catalogues, and most are made in a casting factory by a range of staff and machines. There’s no personalization. But, with custom wedding rings in Melbourne from Simon West Jewellery, you get to work with experienced designers who will help you go that extra mile to declare your love.

2. It’s One of a Kind

Your relationship is unique, isn’t it? And your girlfriend is one of a kind? So why pick out a ring that thousands of other women may be wearing? A custom ring means you can truly take her preferences into consideration and you may even want to add personal inscriptions or mix metals.

3. You Get to be Involved in the Process

When you work directly with the designer, there is a lot more flexibility. For instance, if you have seen a few designs that you like, such as a combo pave and halo setting or intricate filigree, the designer can combine the ideas into one unique design.

4. It’s as Affordable

Custom rings are actually as affordable as their mass-produced counterparts, especially if you purchase the engagement ring or wedding band from the same jeweller who may offer a deal. You also get to control the carat size, metal band, and all the extra touches to stay within budget.

5. It Shows You Made the Effort

A custom ring shows you went the extra mile and took time to research her taste and ring size as well as the details she wanted, while also helping to design the ring.

Customizing a ring may seem like a daunting task as there are just so many options, but it doesn’t have to be such a mammoth thing, provided you work with an experienced jewellery designer who can guide you through the process step by step.

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