Creating A Mini Zen Palace In Your Own Home

Creating A Mini Zen Palace In Your Own Home

In our modern society, it doesn’t seem like there’s any permanent escape from stress. We’re all dealing with responsibilities on top of needs and we’re expected to hold it all together. Family can help, but they can also hinder. It’s important to be able to find your own little zen corner of the home for when you really need it. So, what really goes into being able to fully relax?


It’s the sense that we believe we rely on more than any other else. Our brains have a powerful connection to what we see so it should be no surprise that what we see can also drastically affect our mood, right even down to the colours. If you want a room that you can easily make your zen haven, there are a few visual notes to hit. Consider primarily using colours like light blues, pinks, and greens that have calming effects. Most important however is to make sure it’s free of clutter and unnecessary filler as much as possible. Seeing clutter has the effect of giving us an unsafe claustrophobic feeling that is not conducive to relaxing, needless to say. A healthy amount of natural light is just as important, too, so let a little more into the duller rooms of the house.


Too much noise is an immediate immersion breaker. When you’re trying to chill out and let someone else take care of the responsibilities for a while, having the sounds of the outside world coming in can make it a nightmare to try and relax. Try soundproofing a room or, if you’re outside, then you can insulate yourself from the sounds of the outside world by growing trees or bushes around it.


While sight might be the most obvious sense to try and appeal to, smell has a deeper connection to our brains on many levels. For one, nothing can jog a memory as much as a familiar smell. To that end, using luxury scented candles and incense in aromatherapy can be a huge part of changing the feel of your surroundings. There’s a reason why so many people tend to bathe with candles.


A bath is a good idea in general, as well. The lack of resistance and feeling of near weightlessness is incredibly comforting to most people. But you don’t have to go to the lengths of setting up a bath to create a little comfort in your own home. Setting up a cosy reading corner indoors or erecting a hammock outdoors can have a big effect. Even adding softer touches to rooms that lack it, such as a rug to a wooden floor, can immediately make it feel lot more relaxing. After all, comfort is a physical attribute, so you can’t neglect the physical feeling of the space.

You might not be able to always get the opportunity to relax as much as you would like to or really should. But hopefully, the tips above make it a lot easier to set up your haven of relaxation when you really need it.

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