How to Create Queue Reservoirs on Socialoomph

How to Create Queue Reservoirs on Socialoomph

If you’re new to socialoomph and wondering how to set up the scheduling of your tweets, one of the options available to you is creating a queue reservoir. This allows you to create a pool of tweets which you can post at chosen intervals.

This option is only available on the Professional or Twitter Unlimited. I’m signed up to Twitter Unlimited and find it has everything I need for scheduling my tweets on my blog and at just $6.97 every 2 weeks, it’s low cost too. And if it doesn’t work, you can cancel at any time. Something I always look for as both a blogger and in my job as a social media manager. So if you haven’t already signed up to the Professional or Twitter Unlimited versions of socialoomph, do so here and prepare to take your twitter scheduling to the next level.

Adding a Queue Reservoir

Once you’re logged in to socialoomph you need to:

  • Click on ‘Posting’ on the menu bar at the top
  • Select ‘Queue Reservoirs’ from the drop down menu
  • Click ‘Crete New Queue’

You’ll see a page like this:

socialoomph add queue reservoir

  • Choose a name for your queue.
  • Select your publishing frequency. Some bloggers choose to publish an update every few minutes, others once an hour. Choose what works for you, but bear in mind the more you post, the more hits to your blog you’re likely to receive.
  • Click on recycle updates if you’d like to continuously publish the same tweet cycle. This means your queue will never run empty. This is where your evergreen content comes in handy. You should aim to publish content on your blog that is relevant throughout the year.

socialoomph add queue reservoir slide 2

  • Next select the days of the week you want to tweet.
  • Then select the hours you want to tweet. Bear in mind that you may have people following you all over the world, so you may not want to limit the times you tweet to your own time zone.
  • If your list is season specific (if you have a lot of Christmas/Easter/Halloween posts you’d like to push for example) select the dates you want your tweets to go out in the Seasonal Window section.
  • If you’d like your tweets to go out from a specific date, enter it in the start date box. If you don’t select a start date, tweets will start immediately.

socialoomph add queue reservoir slide 3

  • If you want to pause your queue at any time you have the option of doing so by clicking on the pause now button once your queue is live. You can also select a date on which to pause your queue and delete updates after a specific date.
  • Once you have entered your options click save. This creates your queue.

Locating and Editing Your Queue Reservoirs

socialoomph queue reservoirs

Find your queue at any time by clicking on Manage Existing Queues once in the Queue Reservoirs Section of Socialoomph.

From here you can edit or delete your queue. You can see when your last tweet was sent and the time at which the next one is due to go out too. If you click on Manage Updates from here you can edit any tweets you have added to your queue.

Adding Content to Your Queue Reservoirs

To add an update/tweet to your queue reservoir, follow these steps:

add update on socialoomph

  • Select Create New Update. Always try to add a photo to your tweet. Stats show tweets with images are much more likely to be engaged with.
  • Write your tweet, add your image and don’t forget to include and shorten your link.
  • Click ‘Don’t schedule, just add this image & text to my queue reservoir(s)’

add update on socialoomph 2

You’ll then see the above.

  • Select your queue, if you have more than one.
  • Select ‘When published, put the image & text back in the reservoir at the end of the queue’. This will ensure your tweets are recycled.
  • Select the amount of times you want that particular tweet to go out before it’s removed from your queue. Leave blank if you want it to be continuous.
  • Click save.

While socialoomph is not the most aesthetically pleasing platform to use, it is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. So play around. Make the most of their 7 day free trial for the Professional version and enjoy seeing your follower numbers and hits to your website grow.

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