How to Create the Luxury Bedroom you Deserve. Without Breaking the Bank

How to Create the Luxury Bedroom you Deserve. Without Breaking the Bank

Have the kids overrun your home? Have you spent a fortune on their rooms or creating fantastic living spaces you can entertain in? Has all this come at the expense of the one room in the house that’s just for you (and your partner of course!)? Many of us are guilty of neglecting our bedrooms when it comes to decorating and making home changes. No one sees your room, so why does it matter?

Well, it’s the room that you are at your most intimate and venerable. Where you are truly yourself. Where you start your days and relax at the end of them. Having a bedroom you love can help you to unwind, relax and start your days right. If anything, it’s the most important room in the house and you absolutely deserve a luxurious space to call your own. Here’s how to get it!

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Add a Mirror

Mirrors make rooms look bigger and can be incredibly glamorous. You could add a mirror to your wall, dresser or the front of your wardrobe. If you want to go all out, add some bling with a shiny frame or instead opt for shabby vintage chic. As an even cheaper option, look in charity shops and car boot sales for a used mirror you can upcycle.

Get Some Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings make any room warm and cosy. Which is perfect in a relaxing bedroom. Add a blanket to a chair or stool and extra cushions and a bed runner to your bed to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

Include Plenty of Storage

If you are trying to create a relaxing and luxurious bedroom, the last thing you want is clutter. To avoid clutter, which can cause stress, make things look messy and even lead to trips and injuries, make sure you’ve got enough storage. Drawers, discount wardrobes and bedside tables can look great and give you plenty of storage options. A matching bedroom set could look especially luxurious.

Think of Your Feet


The first thing you should do when making changes to your bedroom is look at your flooring. When you step out of bed in the morning, is it on to a gorgeous, soft and welcoming carpet? Last thing at night when your feet are aching, does your bedroom carpet welcome you to bed? If not, invest in quality, soft carpet, or at least a stylish rug.

Add Seating

bedroom chair

If you want to make the most of your new bedroom space and make it look even more luxurious, you need to make it about more than sleep. Adding some seating, perhaps in the form of a reading nook, comfy chair or small sofa, will encourage you to spend more time in there.

Your bedroom, more than any other room in your house should reflect your personality and taste. So, spend some time thinking about what you like. Create a mood board, look at some ideas and experiment with different styles before you commit to anything. Then, make sure you enjoy your bedroom when it’s finished.

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