How to Continue Learning During the Easter Holidays

How to Continue Learning During the Easter Holidays

When the kids are off over the Easter Holidays, keeping them entertained is important not only for them but probably moreso for yourself. It will keep them out of trouble and give you peace of mind. Some days they will just want to play out with their friends which is fine, but other days might require a bit of planning. Rossall School have a few ideas that will not only keep them busy, but ensure they learn a thing or two in the process.

Kitchen Fun

child making cookies

Getting them involved with cooking is a good way to built their confidence when it comes to cooking for themselves, so grab a recipe book and pick something to bake together, whether it be a batch of cookies, a cake, or getting their help with the sunday roast. Talk them through each step. Get them sifting, mixing, and weighing. They will learn reading a recipe and following instructions pays off when the results come fresh out the oven.


Plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors. A woodland walk spotting birds and other wildlife. A day on the beach digging for fossils, or learning to fish. Going camping and learning some basic survival skills for the older kids, or just being able to sleep under the night sky, stargazing and eating campfire food. There are plenty campsites around the UK, or for a more authentic experience try looking into a Bothy; a basic shelter used by anyone dotted around the countryside. Just check who owns the land first and that it isn’t being used when you plan to.


little girl reading

No doubt your kid’s imagination runs wild, so use that and get them to focus it by writing a story with them, or getting them to write one and read it back to them. Help them develop their ideas into a fleshed out tale, or even a comic strip to go one step further. Get the story written down first then illustrate it together the day after. Two for one there, you’re welcome.


child playing on tablet

Get with the times, they’re not as bad as you may think, playing video games teaches kids puzzle solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and most importantly, what to do in a zombie apocalypse. Minecraft is one of the best educational tools disguised as a video game but it’s well worth investing in. As well as the skills aforementioned, it teaches kids basic number skills, architecture, even computer coding. You might want to check out some youtube tutorials (there are a ton), take up a spare control if possible or sit in and watch over them, give them some objectives and let them have fun with it.

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