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beach holiday

Simple Solutions for Your Holiday Savings

For most people, going away on holiday requires a lot of organisation. For mums, it takes months of planning and scrimping to make sure a family holiday can happen with a decent level of spending money for the time they’re away. Holidays cost money from the bottom up, so whether you are flying abroad or…


The Secrets to a successful happy family holiday to Sicily

For a family vacation, what could be better than seaside, paths to walk and explore, great food and welcoming locals? No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, one of pure relaxation or one mixed with adventure and trying new things, Sicily is the perfect destination for a family vacation. You can visit…


Getting a Good Price for Your Car

When it comes to working out what factors to consider before selling your car, you can also attack the problem from the opposite side. Instead, look at what factors to consider when buying a used car and work out what is important from the buyer’s perspective. There is some excellent information on the purchase of…


Transform Your Cellar Into The Room Of Your Dreams

If there’s one thing most of us all agree we need in our homes, it’s more space! You may think that the property you originally bought would provide more than enough room for your and your family. But fast forward two kids later, and a whole lot of possessions later, you might be struggling to…

shopping bags

The Triumphs and Tragedies Of Online Shopping

If you’re strapped for time, and cash, online shopping can be a great solution. Rather than traipsing around the store you can browse thousands of products in a fraction of the time. You can shop around for great deals and for a little extra cost have your items delivered straight to your door- what’s not…

young woman holding tulips

Embarrassing Illnesses Which Are Easy to Treat

Not all illnesses are ones we want to talk about. Some people may not even be comfortable discussing their health problems with a doctor, but it is so important to handle medical problems as soon as they become evident so that they don’t develop into something worse. We are going to take a quick look…

ripped jeans

My Happiness Project | How I Gave Up Smoking

When I chose what I wanted to tackle in my 2017 Happiness Project, I knew that smoking was one of the things that had to go on my list. And sooner rather than later. I chose March as the month I would give up smoking, because I really wasn’t in the frame of mind to…

My Sunday Photo | Kitchen Gardens

My Sunday Photo, also known as when you hand the 5 year old your camera and he takes a shot of his favourite sunflowers in the pretty kitchen gardens of San Anton Palace.


Who You Gonna Call When Things Go Wrong?

If you live on your own, as a single parent or this is your first step into a new home, then you need to get a few things in order. The most important of all of these is knowing who to call when problems start happening and sooner or later, they will. Of course, first…


Freakshakes, Lego Batman and an Anniversary #littleloves

This week has been a good week. You know when you have one of those weeks when everything just seems to fall into place? (I’m intentionally not mentioning what happened on Wednesday, it certainly doesn’t count as a #littlelove that’s for sure) I think my little day out with the teen on Friday kicked off…