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5 Slimming World Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

I wrote a post recently featuring 5 amazing weight loss instagram accounts, which proved so popular I thought I’d link to some more inspiring accounts. And this time it’s the Slimming World instagrammers turn. ylimesalad_slimmingworld A post shared by Emily Boulden (@ylimesalad_slimmingworld) on May 15, 2017 at 10:56pm PDT One of my favourite accounts for…

Weight Watchers

Back to Weight Watchers

After 3 weeks off plan it was back to Weight Watchers for me last Saturday, figuratively rather than literally as I follow it online. Prior to giving myself a break I’d been feeling pretty annoyed at ‘only’ losing 10lb in 6 weeks. So I did what I do best and consoled myself with cake. And…


Slimming World Sunday | 7lbs Off!

After my gain a few weeks back, I managed to maintain yet again last week, which really got to me. Maintaining isn’t as bad as a gain of course, but I’d got to the point where I’d had enough. Tired of feeling so down on myself, sick of dieting and not feeling good enough. But…


Weight Loss Wednesday | The One Where I Gain

This week saw my first gain since I started back on Slimming World in February and I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it. We had visitors and of course that meant a meal out, wine and a rather delicious meal that I made here on their first night. That alone wouldn’t have affected my weight…

Slimming world one stone award

Slimming World Sunday | Something to Smile About

It’s funny isn’t it when you think your weigh in will be a complete disappointment. Often it completely surprises you and does the opposite. That’s definitely the case this week because when I forced myself onto my wii fit scales this morning I didn’t gain weight at all. Infact I lost 1lb and this happened:


Slimming World Sunday | 7th Weigh In

Another week another disappointment. Not really in the fact that I maintained, that is pretty good going considering what I stuffed myself with over the last week, but in myself. 7 weeks into my diet and I’ve still only lost 13lb and maintained for a few of those weeks. I always seem to do this….