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Activities for busy mums

5 Top Activities for Busy Mums

Despite our best intentions, most of us mums struggle to fit exercise into our jam-packed schedules. It may sound like a cliché, but often we’re just too busy tending to other peoples’ needs to take care of our own. However, squeezing in a run, yoga practice or sporting activity could make all the difference to…

weight loss

Beating my Emotional Eating Demons | Weight Loss

I haven’t written much about my weight loss lately. Perhaps I was trying not to admit it’s come to a shuddering halt. Again. But after a month of sabotaging my efforts, it’s time to pick myself up, draw a line under it and move forward. This time was going to be so different. I was…


7 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

Exercise is an essential part of good health. Unfortunately, it can be a lot of work. Workouts can be tough to get through. Sometimes a person simply isn’t motivated to do the exercise. Or people may not have enough time to work in an exercise routine. Either way, many people skip out on exercise all…

Military diet

What is the military diet and how can it help you?

There are many diet names out there made popular by a large number of people that have used them to lose a lot of weight. Once a diet becomes popular enough, it starts being the talk of the town, and many are interested in knowing what it’s all about. One of these diets is the…


What to do When the Weight Isn’t Coming Off

We’ve all been there, and had that awful feeling that you get when you step on the scales, and they read exactly the same as last week. Even though you’ve stuck to your diet and exercise plan faithfully. It’s so disheartening. It can make you feel like giving up altogether. However, this isn’t a good…

healthy lifestyle

Diet Diaries | Getting Back on Track

Despite learning to say no to self sabotage recently, the week before last was a bit of a bad one diet wise (and otherwise) for me. And I ended up putting on the 2lb 6oz I’d lost over the previous 2 weeks. With yet more bad news about my grandad’s rapidly deteriorating health and our house move…


Diet Diaries | Saying No to Sabotage

When I’m having a bad week, or indeed a good week, the first thing my mind has been programmed to do is eat. Food has so often been my comfort blanket. I ate away my loneliness when I was a single mum. I ate my way through depression. And I ate my way through the…

healthy breakfast

Diet Diaries | Slowly But Surely

Two weeks on from my last weight loss update and despite so many things that could throw me off track, I’ve stuck to the Weight Watchers No Count plan religiously. Something just seems to have finally clicked into place. After struggling with the points system for a few weeks, going back to basics and what I…