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Diet Diaries | Getting Back on Track

Despite learning to say no to self sabotage recently, the week before last was a bit of a bad one diet wise (and otherwise) for me. And I ended up putting on the 2lb 6oz I’d lost over the previous 2 weeks. With yet more bad news about my grandad’s rapidly deteriorating health and our house move…


Diet Diaries | Saying No to Sabotage

When I’m having a bad week, or indeed a good week, the first thing my mind has been programmed to do is eat. Food has so often been my comfort blanket. I ate away my loneliness when I was a single mum. I ate my way through depression. And I ate my way through the…

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Diet Diaries | Slowly But Surely

Two weeks on from my last weight loss update and despite so many things that could throw me off track, I’ve stuck to the Weight Watchers No Count plan religiously. Something just seems to have finally clicked into place. After struggling with the points system for a few weeks, going back to basics and what I…

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5 Slimming World Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

I wrote a post recently featuring 5 amazing weight loss instagram accounts, which proved so popular I thought I’d link to some more inspiring accounts. And this time it’s the Slimming World instagrammers turn. ylimesalad_slimmingworld A post shared by Emily Boulden (@ylimesalad_slimmingworld) on May 15, 2017 at 10:56pm PDT One of my favourite accounts for…


The One Where I FINALLY Lose a Stone

Well I guess the title of this post says it all. I lost the 2lb I was hoping to lose last week and FINALLY lost that first stone. This week just seems to have clicked. Following No Count rather than the Weight Watchers points system is definitely working better for me. I assumed I needed…

Weight Watchers

Back to Weight Watchers

After 3 weeks off plan it was back to Weight Watchers for me last Saturday, figuratively rather than literally as I follow it online. Prior to giving myself a break I’d been feeling pretty annoyed at ‘only’ losing 10lb in 6 weeks. So I did what I do best and consoled myself with cake. And…


5 Seriously Inspiring Weight Loss Instagram Accounts

Need a little weight loss inspiration? I know I certainly do! If you’re trying to lose weight and lack in motivation, these instagrammers will have you feeling motivated in no time. @fatgirlfedup #motivationmonday -270lbs in 15 months! If you’re new to my journey, my name is Lexi. I was just a girl fedup with being…

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My Top 9 Weight Loss Essentials

After 6 weeks on my diet there’s a few things I can’t live without so I thought I’d pop them all together in a post incase they’re of help to someone who’s also trying to lose a few pounds (or lots in my case). These little weight loss essentials have helped me stick to my…

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle | Diet Week Four

Another week working towards a healthier me. I won’t lie, there have been the odd day or two over the last two weeks I’ve wanted to faceplant a chocolate cake. But I’ve somehow managed to stay on track. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still been the odd treat, I’ve discovered mint oreos for starters. But…

healthy breakfast

Healthy Lifestyle | Diet Week Two

Week two on the diet seemed to whizz by and I’m pleased to say I managed to remain on track. There were of course some times I could have slipped up. Both kids have been asking for numerous treats. The little one is obsessed with going out for lunch or dinner. The teen kept asking…