Buried in Books, Great TV and a Little Me Time #littleloves

Buried in Books, Great TV and a Little Me Time #littleloves

I’m so glad to see Friday again! It’s been a great week. But I really am glad to see the back of the school run for a few days. I even got two ‘lay ins’ this week, thanks to the teen staying at my mum’s house a few nights. Meaning I didn’t have to do the dreaded school run from hell and could stay snuggled under the covers for an extra half an hour! Hey, it’s the small things after all!

Anyway, enough rambling and onto my #littleloves for the week:


Oh so many books and so little time! That kinda sums up where I am with my reading at the moment. I’m STILL reading Secrets of the River, by fellow blogger Jess. It’s my night time read. But by the time I get to bed I manage about 3 pages and drift off to sleep, kindle still in hand. Then there’s Blogosphere magazine, which I’m loving, but I only dip into during a quiet moment on the school run, while waiting for one or more children to appear. And then, of course, I’ve also been dipping in and out of The Little Book of Lykke, which is another fabulous read. I tend to read that one if I get a spare 5 minutes during the day. Am I the only one with a gazillion books on the go at once?

The Highway Rat

Of course, now the little dude is in year one, he’s reading a lot more. We both love Julia Donaldson, so I couldn’t resist adding another one of her books to our collection. And he’s loving The Highway Rat. He’s even started reading it himself. I’ll never fail to be amazed by his ability to grasp things so quickly. One day just before summer, he picked up his first school reading book and just read it straight through. He’s continued to read well and is loving visiting the library and getting a new school book to read each week. Here’s hope his love of reading continues!


I may have got slightly hooked on makeup¬†tutorials and Emily Norris’s YouTube channel since I mentioned them in my latest For the Love of….Vlogs post over at Mummy Hearts You. I’ve never really been into the whole vlogging thing, so if there’s any I can’t miss let me know in the comments.

The tv these last few weeks has been pretty fabulous. I’ve been glued to Cold Feet, Victoria, Liar, Outlander, Doc Martin and a whole host of other shows. I may have even started re-watching Gilmore Girls AGAIN this week. It’s like my background noise when I’m in bed at night – terrible habit taking a laptop to bed, but I can’t seem to shake it.


Aldi candles

I’ve finally made a start on adding those little touches to our house that will make it a home (ignore the terrible pics). My bargain ¬£3.99 Aldi candles (the fake Jo Malone ones) have found a home on a little shelf in our bedroom, alongside a print my mum gave me and our old living room curtains from Malta. Bit of an odd mix, but at least being grey, they match the two-tone grey walls we have in our bedroom, and they saved us having to buy new ones after only just buying them prior to leaving Malta.

This is in the teen’s room. She may be a little obsessed with wolves and Harry Potter – hence the stag’s head, apparently. These dressing room style lights were affixed to her wall when we moved in and they make a great addition to her room, which is probably my favourite in the house at the moment. It’s all grey walls, black furniture, cool quotes, black guitars and teenage moods.

I’ve also spent a ridiculous amount of time putting together flat pack furniture in the 5 year old’s room this week. Building him a bookcase and a chest of drawers. We’ve moved various wires, moved the lounge around and I’m just about to order a ton of furniture for our lounge too. Although I may have spent a ridiculous amount of money buying 75,000 throws where I was so cold at the beginning of the week. Funny they’d arrive today on the one day I haven’t felt like I’m about to turn into an ice cube!


Considerably less than I have been! Well I took my coat off anyway. It was such a lovely morning I took myself for a wander along the beach between the school run and Weight Watchers. Afterwards, my mum and I sat overlooking the beach, coffee in hand, soaking up the sun.

I also got my hair done this week. How lovely is it to sit in a salon and be pampered for a few hours? I went from blonde to dark, so it’s a bit of an adjustment. And it isn’t exactly what I thought I was going to be getting, but it’s growing on me at least.


My James Arthur CD has been blaring out on the school run again this week. I just love his voice. And this song is seriously haunting.

I also heard my friend FINALLY had her baby after what seemed like the longest labour ever – 3 days! Makes me glad I managed to stay at home until 4 hours before both my two arrived in the world. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get some newborn baby snuggles.

And lastly…..

Persian lamb curry

I went lunch with the Mr today at a local restaurant. This board full of deliciousness caught my eye on the specials board. And although I don’t usually eat curry in the middle of the day, this Persian lamb curry with tarka dal was amazing!

I always have a treat on my weigh in day. It makes dieting seem much more worthwhile if I can still have something to look forward to each week. And this was the perfect treat. Followed by a huge chunk of chocolate fudge cake, shared between us.

It was so nice to get out of the house, seeing as we both work from home. Especially as we haven’t been out since moving to England over 2 months ago. I think it’s actually been since Christmas! We definitely need to start rectifying that and get out more often.

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!


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  1. September 23, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    We love the highway rat. I’m glad your son is enjoying reading so much. You’re reading sounds good too. I’m loving cold feet too. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  2. September 25, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Oh I love The Highway Rat {so do the kids!} definitely one of my favourite Julia Donaldson books. That curry looks amazing!! Yum yum! Hope you have a wonderful week xx

  3. September 26, 2017 / 1:06 pm

    Oh you are making me hungry with this. Love the Highway Rat my kids always want to read that one too. Cold feet sounds good. Hope you had a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  4. September 29, 2017 / 11:02 am

    Firstly, I’m so sorry for the lateness of my comment, it’s been a crazy week!
    That curry looks incredible! Love a cheeky lunchdate – especially when the food is that good.
    TV is so good this time of year, I honestly can’t keep up with it all. x

  5. September 29, 2017 / 1:34 pm

    Ah I LOVE James Arthur and all of the TV shows that you’ve mentioned – Autumn TV is so good, I have had no time for reading! Cold Feet was so amazing last Sunday wasn’t it? I bought those lights to put in my daughter’s bedroom but had no idea that they needed to be fixed into the wall so have yet to persuade my husband to do it! xx

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