Beating my Emotional Eating Demons | Weight Loss

Beating my Emotional Eating Demons | Weight Loss

I haven’t written much about my weight loss lately. Perhaps I was trying not to admit it’s come to a shuddering halt. Again. But after a month of sabotaging my efforts, it’s time to pick myself up, draw a line under it and move forward.

This time was going to be so different. I was ‘on it’ big time. Refusing cake (cake!), ordering porridge (oh yes I went there) when out for breakfast while everyone else tucked into fry ups. And walking everywhere. The weight was falling off, things had finally clicked in terms of what I could eat and still lose weight. And I was still eating dessert every day. After 2 and a half stone I’d FINALLY dropped a dress size and was feeling so much better about myself. So where did it all go wrong?

It turns out you never really stop using food as an emotional crutch. And following an argument with the moody teen, after which she skulked off to my mum’s for two weeks, I turned to food. I ate everything. I ate until my stomach hurt. I made terrible food choices when I ate out, cooked fat laden dishes when people came over instead of the healthy meals I’d worked so hard to perfect. Was I really any less miserable? No.

Having jumped on the scales this morning and seen I’ve put on 8lb over the last month I must admit to feeling a little defeated. My daughter weighed just over 8lb when she was born and I ‘grew’ her over 9 months. This has happened in just a month. But at least now I know how much I need to get rid of to get back on track. There’s no point dwelling on it after all.

So how am I going to lose those 8lb (and the rest of the weight I have to lose)? Here’s what I’m planning to do to tackle it and keep my sanity while I’m at it:

  • Go back to eating 3 meals a day.
  • Eat high protein snacks if I’m hungry between meals.
  • Start walking again. Whether it’s parking further away from my destination, going for a walk after school drop off or getting out with the kids and walking through the woods or along the beach at the weekends.
  • Try yoga. I’ve always wanted to give yoga a go and not only is it great for physical wellbeing, it’s supposedly mood boosting too.
  • Complete the happiness habits course I enrolled on recently. Who doesn’t love a little bit of positivity to kickstart the day after all.

So there you have it. Losing weight is by no means easy. And sometimes things get in the way, but it’s how we deal with those obstacles that will ultimately help us reach our weight loss goals. So feel free to give yourself time to wallow if you need to. Face plant that chocolate cake if it makes you feel better. But find your way back to a place where you can pick yourself up and carry on again. Remembering your weight loss goal will ultimately make you feel that much better about yourself.

Good luck!

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