Back to School with Matalan – A Review | One Year at School in the UK

Back to School with Matalan – A Review | One Year at School in the UK

He has been an absolute delight to teach and I am ending this school year with a much better knowledge of all things dinosaurs – Mrs M

And just like that, the end of the school year is upon us. Where on earth did that year go? To sound every bit the clich√© – time flies when you’re having fun. And have fun the little dude certainly did. Despite never having been to school or nursery in the UK before he threw himself into it from day one. Making lots of friends and developing a thirst for knowledge beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

That sweet little boy I was so worried about making the move from nursery in Malta to Year One at ‘Big School’ in the UK? I needn’t have worried. He has grown so much since September, both in confidence and ability. Not to mention height.

Matalan school uniform

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He has a real enthusiasm for finding out and learning new things – Mrs M

I must admit, I still haven’t a clue what’s going on half the time. Things certainly have changed since my 16 year old was at primary school here. He, on the other hand, is taking everything in his stride. Phonics screening check – aced it. Didn’t even realise he was doing a test. He is well above average in every subject and he¬†loves nothing more than going above and beyond what’s required of him. He even ad-libbed in his school assembly recently, because apparently, we needed a few extra facts about lizards.


It never ceases to amaze me how any discussion can be turned around to dinosaurs or Star Wars without me even realising – Mrs M

This dino crazy dude has been enjoying developing his knowledge of all things dinosaur this year. The kid would put Ross from Friends to shame with his dinosaur related knowledge. We were seriously lucky with his teacher, in that she encouraged him in his endeavour to find out even more about dinosaurs. Graciously accepting the 78 dinosaur pictures he drew for her each morning before school and even researching dino facts herself so she could attempt to tell him something he didn’t know about dinosaurs. It didn’t work. He always outsmarted her. But she never stopped trying and challenging him.

I will truly miss his contagious enthusiasm for learning, but I am in no doubt that he is ready for the challenge of year 2 – Mrs M

I think we both wish we could take his teacher with us into Year 2. She truly is a wonderful teacher and one I’m so glad was with us throughout his first year at primary school here in the UK. Here’s hoping he’ll be just as lucky with his new teacher next school year.

Matalan dinosaur school shoes

Wow! They’re the best shoes in the world! – Dino crazy 6 year old

If you have a little one who’s obsessed with dinosaurs, you need to get yourself to Matalan over the summer holidays and snap up a pair of these fab shoes. Not only do they have a cool dinosaur design, the eyes and mouth light up as you move and they have a brilliant dinosaur bone design underneath too. It was love at first sight when the little dude took these out of the box.

We were also lucky enough to be sent everything we need to go back to school in style come September. All of which we’ve tested out over the last month or so and I must admit I’m impressed. The quality of Matalan’s school uniforms is really good, as are the colours – infact I much prefer the blue of their polo shirts to any others I’ve tried. All of it washes and irons well and the shoes certainly seem to have stood the test of time – this is a child whose shoes I’ve replaced four times this year already. But just look at them, they look brand new!

Where do you buy your children’s school uniforms?

Please note: The above-mentioned items were gifted to us for the purpose of this review. All opinions our own.

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