About Us

Hi. I’m Kate. 30 something mum of two. A 16 year old daughter, aka ‘the moody teen’ and my dinosaur obsessed six year old son. We’re serial expats who returned to the South East of England, along with my blog-shy partner, last summer.

By day, I’m a social media manager, virtual assistant and content creator. By night, well my work pretty much continues for as long as I’m awake, so by night it’s more work before collapsing into bed. The glamour of being a freelancer! I’ve been writing this blog since 2009, although it has undergone many a transformation and name change since then.

When I’m not working, or blogging, I’m a total history geek and love nothing more than getting lost in my family tree, tracking down long-lost ancestors and finding missing pieces of the puzzle. I can often be found with my head in a book, coffee in hand, listening to my latest podcast obsession. And I love to travel. Immersing myself in different cultures and exploring different countries is my idea of heaven. Well that and cake, but we can’t have it all, can we.

My eldest. Beautiful. Moody. Messy. Everything you imagine a teenager to be and more. We don’t tend to see her very often. The lesser spotted teenager can mostly be found in what can only be described as a nest, made from bedding, clothing and school books, in the middle of her bed. Venturing out only to scavenge food, ask for money or request the use of mum’s taxi service.

A real band chick, this one loves music. Is permanently attached to her phone and is a talented photographer. She’s also very into writing fiction and is a real whizz with a makeup brush.

This is my little dino dude. Born on Christmas Day, this gorgeous boy was the best Christmas present anyone could ever hope for. He is completely and utterly OBSESSED with dinosaurs. He lives and breathes dinosaurs. And quite frankly, drives us insane with his constant dinosaur chat. But we wouldn’t have it any other way – well maybe with earplugs. What this kid doesn’t know about dinosaurs isn’t worth knowing and he astounds us each and every day with the depth of his knowledge.

He’s such a happy little thing, always smiling and so very kind to everyone he meets. Other than his dinosaur obsession he likes going to Beavers and making things – usually a mess, but he calls it ‘crafting’.

So, that’s us.

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