A Summer of European Cuisine

A Summer of European Cuisine

Just because you’ve decided to spend the summer months in the UK, it doesn’t mean that your taste buds have to suffer. With a little preparation, you could still be enjoying the best of European cuisine from the comfort of your own garden paradise, and if you’re bored of undercooked barbecue and the eternal wait for the ice cream van, then having some more wide-ranging options for your palate may be just what summer ordered. From starters to desserts, there’s no limit to the number of ways that you could be giving yourself some delicious and mouth-watering treats that might make you feel like you’re exploring the best in European cuisine.

The best of French

The food in France is world famous, and that can make it tricky to try and recreate some of the more complicated recipes in your own home. It’s not impossible of course, and French food can often be a little heavy for the warmer summer days, so it’s best to avoid those heavy stews until summer is long gone. Instead, find local suppliers who can produce the very best in French baked pastries and snacks, and remove the time-consuming task of baking the best homemade macaron, leaving you free to soak up the rays. The French menu has plenty to offer for every palate, and you can find out more about the range of French delicacies without the fuss of learning the difference between ‘tu’ and ‘vous’ at an Artisan French Bakery such as the outstanding Délices in Bedford. You can treat yourself to a beautiful selection authentic French treats, straight from Parisian bakers, trained at one of the top boulangères school in Paris.

A Taste of Spain

With its Mediterranean climate and laid-back attitude, Spain is home to a huge number of kitchen specialties, but you don’t have to hop on a jet to enjoy them. Recreating the best in Spanish cuisine is considerably easier than you might have thought and there are plenty of options to choose from if you’re planning an evening of flamenco and food in the garden. Of course, you could start small and create some beautiful Aioli with some fresh garlic, and you don’t have to make your own mayonnaise either. For those that fancy a little more of a challenge, then what could be more Spanish than homemade Paella? Far easier to make than most rice dishes, Paella is one of those recipes that can be added to in order to suit your tastes. Choose a good Paella base recipe, and build it up to reflect the foods and ingredients that you like, and you might just be getting the castanets out yourself.

Some Italian flair

When we think about Italy, the first food that comes to mind is usually pizza, and all too often that simply doesn’t feel exotic enough. After all, you can pick up basic ‘Italian’ pizza at any supermarket, and you no doubt have plenty of takeaways nearby that can deliver the more American version of the dish. However, Italy offers a lot more variety than just pizza, with a range of choices from pasta dishes to traditional gelato. Perhaps the easiest and most popular is the Italian Pasta Carbonara, which can be prepared easily at home with less effort than making a Sunday lunch. Choose from a range of basic Pasta Carbonara recipes, and you could go for something traditional or customise with a more modern twist. The Italians can be very protective of their Carbonara recipes, so if you have visitors from the country, then stick to as traditional a recipe as you can find!

You don’t need to travel to experience the best in European foods, and if you’re hoping to bring a little continental flavour to your Summer of 2018, your journey doesn’t have to take you any further than your own kitchen.

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