A Party, Podcasts and Days Out | My #LittleLoves in November

A Party, Podcasts and Days Out | My #LittleLoves in November

November was such a great month. Well it was. Until right at the very end when the Mr was made redundant. Less than a month before Christmas. I guess it kind of put a bit of a downer on the month as a whole. Hence why I’m writing my #littleloves post so late.

But then I thought, why let one thing spoil what has been a really lovely month. So without further dwelling on the negative, here’s what we loved in November.


I only managed to read one book in the whole of November which is pretty unusual for me. And after a break from reading Harry Potter, it was time to get stuck in again with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I can’t lie, I absolutely loved it and it’s probably my favourite book so far. I just love indulging my inner child and escaping into a world of fantasy. And these books are allowing me to do just that.


I wasn’t set on watching Crazy Rich Asians, but I’m so glad I did. It’s such a lovely feel good film and the setting is just beautiful. Plus who can resist a rom com?

I might be a teensy bit hooked on the latest series of Escape to the Chateau. I’m not into camping or even glamping, but I would stay in their stunning glamping tent tomorrow without a second thought. And I discovered they also have another series running called Escape to the Chateau DIY. Where they help other chateau owners get their businesses off the ground. Where do I sign up for running a chateau?

The teen and I also enjoyed a trip to the West End to see Heathers at The Theatre Royal Haymarket. It wasn’t exactly my usual taste in musicals but you couldn’t help getting pulled into the story. Especially as there were 800 screaming, singing audience members. It was almost like being at a concert rather than the theatre. And the teen absolutely loved every second of it. We had a fabulous time both at the theatre and exploring London. Sightseeing and picking up a few Christmas presents along the way.


No outfit shots I’m afraid. But the little dude did wear a huge smile for his early birthday party this month. Because he’s a Christmas Day baby we try to make sure his party isn’t right on top of Christmas. And after a fab laser tag party back in September, one of his friend’s mums and I decided to book the same for our boys. Queue a joint birthday party and two very excited boys last Sunday as we took over the local soft play for a laser tag party. And he enjoyed every second of it. He’s already asked to do the same next year. And I doubt we’ll complain, the adults even grabbed their own laser guns and joined in for the last few games. Although I’m thinking we should maybe take some wine with us next time.


Now I don’t have any photographic evidence thanks to the horrendous lighting we’re subjected to at this time of year, but I did make some seriously good food thanks to my Gousto subscription. I treated us to two weeks worth of boxes thanks to a special offer that was running at the time and I’m so glad I did. I got my love of cooking back, tried new recipes I’d never have made otherwise and I’ve even made a few of the recipes again already. If you want to give Gousto a try you can get 60% off your first box and 30% off for the rest of the month using this link.


8 Must Listen Conversational Podcasts by Women

I’ve been busy listening to my favourite podcasts. Predictable much? I always listen to them while I’m working. And they help the ironing pile go down so much quicker too.

The little dude has been busy practising Christmas carols recently ready for his part in the nativity. It’s his last year doing it so despite him belting out Silent Night every few minutes, I’m making the most of it while I still can. He’s also requesting Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman soundtrack every time we get in the car. He’s worked out he can listen to it three times on the way to school, so while it was cute at first I’m beginning to think I need to steer him in a new direction song wise.

And Lastly…

Determined to drag out those autumn vibes as long as possible, here’s a few of my favourite autumnal photos I’ve taken in on our days out in November. All of which make me smile. Those colours were just stunning. This is what I want to remember about November.

Leeds Castle Autumn Colours

Leeds Castle Waterfall

Autumn at Walmer Castle

Here’s to a another great month with no more unwelcome ‘surprises’!

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  1. December 4, 2018 / 11:32 am

    What a shit end to the month and I am so sorry to hear about your husband being made redundant. Really hope that he finds something else really soon. I LOVE your Autumn photos and sounds as if your son had a brilliant party with all his friends. Sounds as if you had a lovely month, despite the shitty end. Hugs xx
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 – Review and ContentsMy Profile

  2. Kerri-Ann
    December 4, 2018 / 4:31 pm

    Sorry to hear about the redundancy, and at Christmas as well. I hope he finds something soon. How nice to celebrate his birthday sooner than at Christmas, i’m an early Jan birthday and sadly it just gets lost in translation so I love that you’re making an effort. Have a great December x

  3. December 5, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband, I never understand why companies do this just before Christmas. I need to listen to more podcasts, I never think to put them on!

  4. December 6, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    Such beautiful photos its well and truly winter now isn’t it? I keep saying I will listen to podcasts I just don’t think I stay still for long enough. I am so glad you are loving Harry Potter, I have just started practical magic I think that was your recommendation x

  5. December 7, 2018 / 3:05 pm

    I’m sorry about your crappy news – what a hard blow just before Christmas. Sending hugs! I love, love, love those autumn shots – so gorgeous. Very jealous of how many podcasts you’ve listened too – I think we listen to the same ones! I did manage to listen to Happy Place with Melanie C (Fearne Cotton) – that was a good episode xx

  6. December 8, 2018 / 9:47 am

    That’s the spirit – not allowing one thing to cloud your month. That said, I’m really sorry to hear of your husband’s news and what a time of year for it! I hope that he is able to find something else quickly in the new year. Horrible to have that hanging over you at Christmas. I’ve been totally addicted to podcasts too this month! xx

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