A Late Hello to March

A Late Hello to March

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately. On my blog anyway. It’s been one of those months where life has most certainly got in the way and as is so often the case, my blog gets neglected. I do love writing these posts at the beginning of each month though. And I was determined March would be no different. It’s all very well to look back on what we’ve enjoyed, but I always find having something to look forward to gets me through a month that might otherwise be quite hard.

Here’s what March has in store:

Afternoon Tea

I’m cheating here. I’ve already had said afternoon tea this week. And oh my was it good. My best friend and I try to meet up once a month for a little catch up. And this month she treated me to a posh afternoon tea at one of our favourite places, The Secret Garden in Kent. After a month of stress, it was a welcome break. We indulged in so many cakes and pastries, along with our favourite rhubarb cocktails, we could barely move once it was time to leave. And it really was just what I needed. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting together with a friend for a much needed pick me up.


Not usually something I’d be looking forward to, but in the past month I’ve taken on another new social media client and started a part time job in an office. I haven’t worked in an office for years, so it’s taken me way out of my comfort zone. But almost a week in, so far so good. And I’m really enjoying being around other people. Social media management is quite lonely when done remotely, so doing something a bit different makes a nice change too. I won’t lie, I haven’t a clue where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing most days. It’s a hell of a lot to juggle, but it’s what we need right now and I’m making the most of it.

Family Time

After our half term plans were interrupted by a mercy dash to Lincolnshire to help a sick relative, I’m looking forward to spending some time with family over the coming weeks. The teen wants to go to the local psychic night at the end of the month. My little woo woo chick loves a psychic and it’s always an interesting evening. Plus it gives us that much needed one on one time without her little brother bouncing around demanding our attention. And of course it’s Mother’s Day at the end of the month. I doubt I’ll get any time out of the kitchen, but my mum certainly deserves a treat after a hard time of it following a recent operation. I’m toying with a traditional Sunday roast or maybe even a special little afternoon tea for all of us. Who knows. I guess at least the one thing I do know is it will involve food and lots of it.

That’s it for the month of March. And while it’s not particularly exciting, it’s good enough for me. What have you got planned for this month?

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