7 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

7 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

Exercise is an essential part of good health. Unfortunately, it can be a lot of work. Workouts can be tough to get through. Sometimes a person simply isn’t motivated to do the exercise. Or people may not have enough time to work in an exercise routine. Either way, many people skip out on exercise all together. However, when you really want to start a workout routine but need help staying motivated, or even figuring out how to sneak it into your tight schedule, a good way to do this is to make the exercise fun for you. There are plenty of ways a person can achieve this.

Add Music into the Exercise

One of the most common and effective ways to make exercise fun is music. You could listen to music while you go for a run. Or you could simply turn on your radio or any music streaming service you may have, and then start your workout. Fast, upbeat music you can have fun moving around to will really help make your workout fun and go by much faster.

Get up and Dance

Dancing is one of the most fun forms of exercise. If you already have music on, then you can have your own dance party. Better yet, grab your kids and play any dance related video game together. Dancing is a lot of fun and it burns a lot of calories.

Watching TV

If you want to get in extra exercise, but don’t want to miss your favorite shows, then there are ways you can exercise and watch TV at the same time. Get off the couch and onto an exercise ball. Grab some hand weights. Do simple bending and stretching or other moves while standing. Use any kind of simple exercise equipment that allows you to sit in place. Do whatever you need to do to keep moving while your favorite shows are on TV.

Give Yourself a Challenge

One of the best ways to keep up with workouts is to set challenges or goals or yourself. Try a big goal like training for a marathon. Or try a small challenge like using a step/calorie counter to track the number of steps you take each day, then try to top that number. The possibilities for this are endless.

Become a Kid Again

Remember what it was like to be a kid? You would run around outside all day, and have a lot of fun getting sweaty. Parents always tell their kids to run around and play outside because it is good exercise. Pull out your old favorite active toys, your hula hoop or jump rope. Play outdoor games like you used to. Grab your children and have them play along with you in the backyard. It’ll be great fun for everyone and it’s the best way to get your kids involved in your workout.

Disguise the Exercise

One way to have fun and do more exercise is to trick yourself. Disguise the exercise as other activities. Clean the house with music on. It will make the chore more fun and help burn calories as well. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to your child’s bus stop instead of driving there. The more you move without thinking about it, the better it will be.

Grab a Buddy

One reason why it’s hard for people to keep up with exercise is because they do it alone. Working out with a friend helps you stay motivated. You can also keep each other stay on track with goals. It also makes going to the gym more bearable.
It’s not always easy or fun to exercise. Many people dread it because it’s hard to keep up with it. But with the right tips, as some of the ones mentioned above, exercising can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of other ways to make exercising more fun, these are just to start with. What it all comes down to, do whatever would make you happiest in your workouts. If you find something fun then there’s a way to use it in your exercise. Let these tips help you get started, and you’ll find yourself exercising much more often.

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