7 Reasons Why Indian Food is a Great Choice for Vegans

7 Reasons Why Indian Food is a Great Choice for Vegans

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As beneficial as the Vegan diet is, the selection for dining outside of your own kitchen can be hit and miss. With certain food categories eliminated completely, it is a thrill to know that Indian cuisine is still on the menu! Here are the top 7 reasons why Indian cuisine is a perfect Vegan-friendly option:

1. It Has Endless Options

The diversity of dishes to choose from within the Indian food category will not keep you lusting over what your meat-eating friend is having. Most Indian dishes are based around vegetables and a carb such as rice or potato, which means your options are endless. Diversity in food will keep your cravings in check.

2. You Can Become Creative In The Kitchen

Indian food is not a crazy thing to tackle in the kitchen, regardless of your expertise level. The availability of each core ingredient is available year-round, and in most supermarkets across the U.K. Recipes can be found all over the Internet and some are quite simple to remember.

3. It Doesn’t Contain Animal By Product

Lots of authentic Indian Cuisine will not contain dairy of any kind, including milk, cream or cheese. The creaminess offered in many sauces, such as curry, is thickened through coconut cream or a milk alternative. This is allows for worry-free choices for any Vegan.

4. You Can Spice it Up


Indian food is globally known to offer a variety of fragrant spices with each and every dish. The beauty of authentic spices is that they derive from nature, not animal. Why compromise flavour with a lacklustre meal?

5. You Can Still Dine Out

If the kitchen seems daunting to whip up a meal, Indian food is available at many places out in the town. The thought of dining out without worrying about what exactly is ending up on your plate sounds heaven-like, and the choices of naturally vegan Indian places in the UK are endless. Sagar, London for instance even have specific menus to cater for individual requirements, such as nut free, wheat free and a separate menu for Vegans. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy stepping out, you could use your smartphone to have fresh Indian cuisine delivered to your doorstep.

6. Its Filling and Satisfying


Although the meat selection is still available for many Indian dishes, you do not need to worry about feeling hungry after enjoying a meatless meal. Indian food is packed full of protein and nutrients, all found in the beans, lentils, and super food vegetables offered in each dish.

7. Its Fun for Everyone

In case this is an obvious reason, Indian food dining is a fun and social activity that caters to a lot of people. For those that are less into spice or extremities, sautéed vegetables and naan bread can keep anyone satisfied. Soups, salads, both hot and cold, Vegans can bring their non-Vegan friends along for dinner without wondering if they are enjoying their meal.

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