5 Ways to Reinvent Your Look

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Look

Are you stuck in a style rut? Maybe you’ve been wearing the same clothes for so long you’re not sure what your ‘style’ is anymore. Perhaps you’ve lost weight and want to break out of your shell. Here’s a few quick and easy ways to shake up your look without spending a fortune.


woman wearing a wig

From changing your parting to having a fringe cut in, you can easily change up your look without going for the chop, unless you want to of course. Bored with your mousey locks? Why not add a few highlights. Bored of your usual highlights? Ask for balyage, ombre or perhaps ask your hairdresser to add in a few different colours rather than just the same old bleached blonde look. Not ready for something permanent? Treat yourself to a wig or two from the likes of https://www.addwigs.co.uk/ or https://www.newhairbuy.com/. You could finally try out that bold colour you’ve always fancied having done but can’t because of your job. Or simply embrace a different colour or style every so often.



Your eyebrows really do frame your face. If you’re anything like me, they’re one of the first things to suffer when I’m busy working and looking after the kids. I can be really happy with how I’ve done my makeup one day, glance at my monobrow and sigh. Don’t neglect your eyebrows. You know when you need to pay them more attention when just plucking them gets you a whole host of compliments. But maybe you want to change the style of them slightly. Always had thin 90s style brows? Why not get them microbladed. Or maybe you’ve always had ‘big’ brows? Why not get them professionally shaped and see what you prefer.


Woman with headscarf
Accessories can make or break an outfit. Instead of replacing your wardrobe, why not take a look at your current outfits and work out how you could completely change the look with accessories. Usually wear all black accessories? Change them up and add a pop of colour. Swap your simple, understated jewellery for something chunkier. Add a headscarf or a hat for a really different vibe. Play with your look and most of all have fun.

Tattoos & Piercings

woman with tattoos
Always dreamed of getting that tattoo? If you’re not ready to commit for whatever reason, why not try a temporary tattoo? These days they’re so far removed from the transfers we had as kids, they’re quite convincing and they give you an idea of how you’d look and feel if you got one. The same goes for piercings. You don’t have to get your nose pierced or that extra hole in your ear. You can fake it.



It’s so easy to change up your look using makeup. Just using a different colour eye shadow or lipstick can create a real impact. Next time you go through your makeup bag and have a bit of a clear out, why not invest in some new makeup. Perhaps book in for a makeover on your favourite makeup counter, see what the consultant uses on you, what suits you and treat yourself to your favourites.

So there you have it. 5 quick and easy easy ways to change up your look. Do you have any more suggestions?

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  1. August 23, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    I must say I am always changing my look, I get bored so easily my latest phase is embracing my natuaral curls and I am quite liking it, although its hard to adapt to the strict product regime but my hair is feeling so much better. I could have done with a wig whilst I was going through my frizzy phase last week x

    • Mum Reinvented
      August 24, 2018 / 2:51 pm

      Ha ha I’ve loved seeing your curly hair stories on instagram lately. I can’t help but giggle when you’re having a bad hair week though, I know I shouldn’t but you do make me laugh. Wish my hair would do something other than just sort of hang there x

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