5 Favourites This Week

5 Favourites This Week

What an end to a fabulous week. With the return to school and the teen starting college, routine has descended once more. And as much as I’ve enjoyed the summer holidays, I’m enjoying the structure the routine is bringing to our lives. Teenage, spontaneous me is dying a little inside to hear me say that.

Time to Focus on Me

Now the kids are settled back at school and college, it has given me a little more time to focus on me again. While I tend to do the bulk of my work while the children are out of the house, I do try to juggle it so I can fit in a little me time where I can. Whether that’s time to appreciate the little things in life as I complete my new Happiness Planner, which I treated myself to recently. Meeting a friend for coffee, reading a book, learning a new skill or joining a webinar. That little bit of time for me keeps a smile on my face.

Fabulous TV

I could bleat on about X Factor and Strictly returning to our screens and that it signals that Christmas is almost upon us. But I won’t. Instead, I can’t help but mention the amazing series that is The Bodyguard. Just wow. The suspense keeps me on the edge of my seat every week. I also caught up with Orange is the New Black, cried a little bit at the end of course. And am loving Vanity Fair. The cast is just amazing and I could never tire of the story.

A Day at the Seaside

Despite living only five minutes from the sea, we don’t often spend an entire day there. Last weekend however, we thought we’d drive to the other side of Kent to explore Whitstable, somewhere we’d not been before. It was a lovely sunny day, so of course it was very busy but when we finally got parked we enjoyed a walk along the beach and the pretty high street. Before tucking into a delicious tapas lunch at Harbour Street Tapas. Now it wasn’t the cheapest tapas we’ve ever had, seeing as we lived in Spain for a few years, but oh my word was it good. I’d go so far as to say it was better than most of the tapas we had in Spain, so if you’re in Whitstable and don’t fancy the traditional fish and chips by the seaside, give it a go. I left a little bit of my heart in Whitstable that day. I’m planning on returning in the next few weeks to have a proper look around. This time without the crowds.

Once we finished lunch, we headed to Herne Bay, where the little dude had an absolute blast on the rides on the pier. It’s a place I spent a lot of time as a teenager and one I loved returning to. It was such a fun afternoon. We even bumped into one of the Mr’s old friends while we watched the little dude on the bouncy castle. It’s such a nice little seaside town, all beautiful old buildings along the seafront, arcades with the dreaded 2p machines, a pier and of course ice cream parlours and fish and chip shops aplenty. I’ve been told we’ll be heading back soon to try our hand at crabbing off the pier. Can’t say I’ll argue.

A Mother Daughter Date

The teen and I enjoyed an impromptu mother daughter date on Friday. After dropping the Mr at the train station we headed into Folkestone where we window shopped in the old high street before indulging in yet more tapas – the teen’s choice. And then she dragged me into Steep Street Coffee House for coffee and cake. I had the most gorgeous almond and raspberry cake, which is worth returning for all on its own. I just love this little coffee shop for the wall to wall books, quirky decor and friendly staff. If you’re in Folkestone and are looking for great coffee, delicious cake and an insta worthy backdrop, this one’s for you.

Of course we may have accidentally stumbled into several shops, where everything seemed to jump off the shelves and into my basket. If the Mr asks – it wasn’t my fault.

A Trip to the Funfair

On Thursday we surprised the little dude with a trip to the fair. It was such good value, only £4.99 per child for 2 hours, which also entitled an adult to go on the rides with them. And with 2 ‘big’ rides and several small ones, we certainly got our money’s worth. I may have recklessly agreed to join the little one on the waltzers after the Mr bailed on him. I haven’t been on a fairground ride for twenty years. There is a reason for that. I hate them. Apparently I went ghostly white and looked absolutely horrified for the duration of the ride. But I survived. And I was secretly quite pleased with myself. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near that ride had I not lost four stone this year. Unfortunately for me, losing four stone does not help with the fact I forgot one of the reasons I shouldn’t be going on fairground rides is because I have a dodgy back. So I’ve spent the last few days hobbling around like a geriatric. I guess at least the little dude enjoyed himself and for about an hour I was all ‘check me out on a fairground ride’. Never again.

That’s it folks, a little round-up of the things I’ve loved this week. What makes it onto your list?

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  1. September 10, 2018 / 6:21 am

    I’m loving Bodyguard!! It’s so good. TV in general is pretty good at the moment anyway. Love the sound of the happiness planner! May have to put that on my wish list. You poor thing! Hope your back is ok!! Take it easy! xx
    Anna-Marie recently posted…sunday favourites | sevenMy Profile

    • Mum Reinvented
      September 17, 2018 / 8:53 pm

      Back’s still a bit dodgy, can’t believe I forgot I shouldn’t go on any rides. I was too busy being thrilled I could fit on one to care. Bodyguard is SO good! I watched last night’s episode this morning and it had me on the edge of my seat yet again x

  2. September 10, 2018 / 3:53 pm

    Sounds like a really great week. We have just started to watch Bodyguard and equally love it. I love the sound of your week, sounds perfect especially the trip to the seaside.

    • Mum Reinvented
      September 17, 2018 / 8:54 pm

      It was fabulous. Definitely going to be revisiting both those lovely seaside resorts soon. Bodyguard just gets better every week. I really don’t want it to end x

  3. September 12, 2018 / 9:58 pm

    Omg I hate fun fairs too, I like theme parks but not fairs. Poor Joe never gets to go, but I just get scared they are not safe places to be. I loved the holidays so much but am so enjoying having a little time for me again I spent today at the gym and having lunch with a friend and it was amazing. I am loving X Factor so far and Vanity Fair is amazing, autumn is amazing for new beginnings and exciting dramas, have you watched the new Pete Simms one ? X

    • Mum Reinvented
      September 17, 2018 / 8:56 pm

      I doubt I’ll be braving any fairground rides again that’s for sure. Autumn definitely is good for tv. They certainly seem to have been saving all the good ones up that’s for sure! x

  4. September 13, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    Sounds like an amazing week. Daughter and mom time is so precious. Funfair sounds ace hunny. It’s back to good tv for sure.

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