4 Renovations to Get Your Home Autumn Ready

4 Renovations to Get Your Home Autumn Ready

So, you’ve been enjoying the summer, getting out in the glorious sunshine and making the most of your house and garden, but now it’s time to start looking ahead to the new season – autumn. Is it the time to reflect on how your property looks and feels? There’s lots of inspiration out there for giving your living spaces a face-lift and some rejuvenation. Here are four renovation ideas to get your home autumn-ready.

Out with the old

Why not turn the traditional spring clean into autumn clean? There can be nothing more satisfying than having a good old clear-out, even though the thought of it might have you running for the front door! Take a look around your home, where are the piles of rubbish? Do you truly need all those old magazines, newspapers and books?

What about your furnishings? If you have a fairly small house or apartment, having too many bulky items can make your rooms feel small, and like the walls are coming in on you. So, think about whether there are any cabinets, chairs and so on, that you can send off for recycling. Replacing key pieces of furniture with more streamlined, fresh and light items may also give your home a bit of a lift, ready for the new season.

A fresh lick of paint

Over the summer, you will have enjoyed the beautiful blue skies and sunshine, and embraced that lovely fresh and happy feeling. When autumn arrives, and the weather starts to go downhill, you may be worried that you’re going to fall into the depths of despair, especially with longer hours of darkness in the mornings and evenings.

However, there are ways, you’ll be pleased to know, that you capture some of that summer feeling in a bottle – by giving your home a good lick of fresh, bright, clean paint. How about getting some yellows and orange shades onto the walls? Even white can give a home a real sense of space and light.

Doing repairs

With the more unpredictable autumnal weather coming, you should also check out the structural shape of your house or apartment. Is it time you replaced those old windows and doors, which blow a draught when it’s windy? If so, check out companies like Kens Yard. How about the roof, if you have one? Are all the tiles tightly secured? Check out the guttering and brickwork too. After all, you don’t want any problems if a storm or heavy rain hits.

Clearing up the garden

Having spent as much time as you could outside enjoying the summer sun, it’ll soon be time to get your garden ready for autumn. You’ll need to put all the furniture away, including any toys or play equipment your kids have been enjoying. You’ll need to get it all into safe and secure storage; perhaps your garage is the ideal place. Don’t forget to cover it up with some plastic or another protective layer, so that it doesn’t get dirty. Keeping it all inside will also help to avoid weather damage, like rust, and ensure it’s ready for use next year!

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