3 Ways To Bring Originality Into Your Home

3 Ways To Bring Originality Into Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or you’ve been there a while, you may be looking at the decor and wondering how to make all feel a little more unique and reflective of your personality. No matter if you live alone or have a full family to take into consideration, we all want our homes to be something more than the off-the-rack design that is is all too easy to fall back on. If you’re bored of your tired, old decorations and furniture, then here are some great ideas to give your living space a fresh burst of originality that more closely reflects the people that live there.

Going Green

It may seem like a traditional way to bring some life into your home, but the extraordinary possibilities available when it comes to introducing plant-life into your living space offers much in the way of originality options. While you could opt for the usual spider-plants and cacti that are easy to keep and add that splash of green, you could instead look at more wild examples of greenery. For the kitchen, consider installing a vertical herb garden that is both practical and lively. For those that want to tackle the issue of excessive Summer heat, then take a look at the Golden Pothos, which are easy to look after and can provide some cooling and air purifying effects that may surprise you.

Rethink the basics

Sometimes, it’s more than simply committing to a splash of fresh paint or some new houseplants. Sometimes you want the bigger changes that can transform the personality of your home inside and out. If you’re hoping to produce a significant transformation, then the first place to look is at your windows. For the unimaginative, windows are simply the holes in the walls that let in light, but for those with a more imaginative outlook, windows offer so much more. Look at sites like timberwindows-direct.co.uk for a full range of varied and wonderful designs that will alter the appearance of your home immediately and with very little fuss, allowing you to create a handcrafted window to suit your exterior and install yourself.

Bring your personality into the mix

Your home is a reflection of you, and while many think that this is limited to meaning that you will be judged on the tidying up, it’s a little more than that. Embrace your hobbies and use them to decorate. For films fans, consider framed, original cinema posters of your favourite movies, or if you want to go all out, why not turn that spare room into a mini-cinema? If your hobby is windsurfing, then use old sails and sea-related decorations to refresh and rejuvenate your home so that it captures that sense of the salty sea air.

No matter how you live and what your hobbies may be, there are always plenty of fresh and creative options available that will inspire you with ideas and bring those sparks of originality that will truly complete your home. Don’t settle for the same old designs and the mass-marketed furniture that everyone has. Use creative solutions, and you may just bring that element of creativity into every area of your life.

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