Back to Work in Style

Although I work from home I do spend the odd day in the office and having not done that for a good four years my work wardrobe was looking rather pathetic. It didn’t help that I’d gained weight since the last time I wore work clothes either. Needless to say I had to hit the shops (although to be fair I tend to shop online these days rather than trudging up and down the high street) and pick up a few things that were suitable to wear when I went into work.

It’s funny how putting on a dress and making time to do your hair and makeup can make you feel like a completely different person. With the help of a few online vouchers for a few new items of clothing,  my hair straighteners a slick of eyeliner and a new lip gloss, I’d left the ‘mummy me’ behind and was back to ‘work me’ and it felt so good! It’s funny, you don’t even realise that you miss getting glammed up and going to work until you don’t do it.

My normal work from home outfit is a pair of jogging bottoms and a vest top or a maxi dress if the weather’s particularly hot that day (or the jogging bottoms are in the wash), which are so far removed from the tailored suits and smart dresses of my previous careers. But for one day a month I get to dress up (can you tell it’s like a special event for me and I love being able to wear something that’s actually in fashion rather than any old thing) and head to the office, talk to other adults and not have to change nappies, quell a toddler (or tween) tantrum or do the cleaning and I love it.

So what have a chosen for my work wardrobe? Because I’m trying to lose weight I haven’t gone too crazy, but have invested in a gorgeous new shift dress, some cropped black trousers and a colourful kimono to liven up my look a little. Oh and of course you can’t forget the new shoes either!



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