Ski fun with kids

A skiing holiday can be tremendous fun for the entire family. Skiing is something that is enjoyable for all ages, in part because of the variety of ski slopes that are designed for different ages and skill levels. Ski resorts usually offer other activities besides skiing, from indoor rock climbing walls for kids, to wine tastings for adults. Everyone in the family can enjoy hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows over a fire.

Safety tops the List

The first rule of enjoying a family ski holiday is making sure that everyone, especially children, stay warm, dry and safe. Children need to have all necessary ski clothing, including a warm, durable kid’s ski jacket. Wearing a helmet is vitally important for everyone in the family, and it is even required in most countries. It is a good idea to take several pairs of gloves for children so that they will have a dry pair to wear at all times. Thick thermal ski socks are a must as well, because cold feet can make for a miserable ski holiday. Goggles or sunglasses are an important component of a ski outfit, as the sun shining on the snow can be blinding for many skiers.

Proper Ski Clothing

There are a number of other pieces of ski clothing that parents need to remember to bring for their children besides a sturdy kid’s ski jacket. Thermal underwear should be worn every day, and should be made of synthetic fabric that dries quickly. Fleece is a popular fabric for keeping torsos warm, and ski pants must be made of waterproof materials. It is important that all clothing fits well. Neck gaiters are necessary accessories for ski outfits, particularly on the coldest days. They should cover the neck completely, and be able to pull over the face as well. The best neck gaiters also feature a hood that can fit under a helmet.

Other Skiing Accessories

There are some other important accessories that can be taken on a winter holiday besides standard ski clothing. Sunscreen is absolutely necessary, because the sun reflects brightly off of the pristine white snow of the ski slopes. Lip balm is necessary as well to prevent lips from becoming dry and cracked. Water bottles are important, especially to keep small children adequately hydrated. Hand warmers are inexpensive little packets that are great to place in the pockets of a kid’s ski jacket to keep tiny hands and fingers warm. Boot warmers are battery-operated, can be installed easily and are excellent for keeping little feet toasty.

Skiers of all ages must obey basic rules while on the slopes. It is always a good idea to practice the buddy system, and never go off alone. In the event of an accident, it is always best that skiers stay in groups. It is also a good idea to be aware of your physical limitations and not take dangerous risks when skiing. All ski resorts have rules on their slopes, and it is crucial that everyone in your party, especially children, abide by all safety rules and skier etiquette.


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