Something you want, something you need…..

………………….something to wear, something to read.

I love that saying and at least it makes for a more concise Christmas list than the usual inane ramblings my 11 year old produces year on year. Of course the “something” is more likely to be some things but at least it gets her thinking about what she really wants. She loves watching the Christmas ads for a little inspiration each year, but by far her favourite this year is the gorgeous Bear and the Hare ad from John Lewis. It makes her cry every time and she loves that it shows not only animals (a subject close to my little eco warriors heart), but true friendship too. I must admit it’s a lovely ad and I’ve already had the “have you seen the John Lewis ad” conversation with both my mum and my sister in the last few days (and yes they both cried too). Of course it’s not helped with my daughters Christmas list (although she does need an alarm clock come to think of it) but it’s so heartwarming I doubt she minds trying to come up with a few ideas on her own.

The little one is pretty easy to buy for, although thanks to his birthday being on Christmas Day it almost makes it hard to buy for him because he gets everything all on one day and it has to be something to last throughout the year as he grows. There are of course a lot of toys on his Christmas list so it feels rather like the toy section of a department store in our house on Christmas morning.

So far on his list there are plenty of garden toys (we move just before Christmas so he’ll have a garden to play in at last), a baby tablet (he keeps destroying my phones so I think it’s time he gets something a little sturdier he can play with for himself), dressing up outfits, cars (he’s obsessed with cars) and lots of drawing and painting things – he loves drawing as much as his big sister does! I guess we’ll see what Father Christmas brings the pair of them but if it’s anything like last Christmas morning I’ll be fighting to open the lounge door thanks to the carpet of presents surrounding the tree.

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