Capturing your baby’s special moments

When I first became a mum 11 and a half years ago (god that makes me feel old!) I took photos of my daughter as often as I could. Until she was about 4 I didn’t have a camera phone and relied on a little digital camera and stuck all of my photos of her in an album. Since my son was born 19 months ago it’s been a different story, I have a camera phone, ipod, tablet and a camera all capable of recording his special moments or even just the every day things I want to remember. Unlike when my daughter was born they tend to go straight to Facebook or get emailed to his doting grandparents and a photo book made up online of his antics on a six monthly to yearly basis. It’s funny how things change and how easy it is to capture every moment in our childrens lives these days.

I’ve been dreaming about being able to take beautiful photos lately, reading so many blogs I see some amazing photos of peoples children, food, destinations across the globe and I can’t help but wish my camera skills were up to the same standard. Of course a phone camera is good for a quick photo here and there but for really beautiful photography you need something a little more special, like a Panasonic bridge camera. In between a compact camera and a DSLR it’s a camera that combines the best of both worlds and bridge the gap so to speak between the two. While still small and doing much of the work for you a bridge camera also allows you lots of flexibility and control, enabling you to take better photos using a variety of different settings.

Of course don’t take my word for it, have a look at this great infographic to compare the types of cameras available out there:


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