Meal Planning Monday

meal planning mondayAnother week another meal plan. This week it’s slightly different for me where I’ll be eating my pre prepared diet meals and still making dinner for everyone else – dreading that as of course that’s when I’ll be tempted to pick (or eat both my meal and another one!).

My meals pretty much consist of porridge or a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, a meal like spag bol, chilli or macaroni with veg for dinner and another shake for a snack or turned into a mousse or ice cream for dessert. Doesn’t sound too bad but the portions are a lot smaller than I’m used to and it could probably get quite repetitive so we’ll see how it goes.

As for the hungry mob, they’ll be eating:


Pizza (the man’s off work so even he can manage to stick it in the oven to help me while I’m trying to behave on the first day of my diet)


Tortilla, bacon, chips & beans (another one the man can cook so I don’t get tempted)


Lasagne (the man’s working late so a microwave/oven meal it is for the kids and no tempting left overs for me!)


Paprika chicken


Steak and wedges





Not a particularly inspiring week but I’m trying to plan meals that are quick, easy and wont necessarily tempt me into breaking my diet – wish me luck!


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      Mum Reinvented says

      Thanks, not as bad as I thought they’d be but hardly gastronomic. Weight’s coming off rapidly though thanks to the teeny portions and I’ve not been hungry – yet, so fingers crossed it’ll help ;-)

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      Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha tell me about it! I’ve not cheated so far although my daughter is sitting next to me eating ice cream at the moment which is like torture!

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      Mum Reinvented says

      Not too bad actually, only been doing it for 2 days now though as it didn’t arrive by Monday. Not exactly gastronomic flavours but edible and the weight is dropping off because of the teeny portions! x

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