Walkers Hoops & Crosses



Have you ever tried splitting a bag of crisps and a monkey between two children!?! Not a sentence I ever thought I’d hear myself say either to be honest, but that’s what happened when this adorable/yummy package arrived from Walkers this week!

It goes without saying the monkey was a big hit with everyone, he’s very cute and has been renamed Jake (like pretty much everything else in the house) after Baby Jake by the baby and now lives in his room.

The Hoops and Crosses were a hit too and were demolished in about 30 seconds. It was much like when the keepers put food down in the monkey enclosure at the zoo, it’s a free for all with little hands grabbing as many as they can at once and quickly stuffing them into their mouths until they resemble hamsters! I managed to get one for myself (I was worried I’d have to lick the bag in the hope of having a taste at one point!) and found them light and tasty. I love beef flavoured crisps, although I much prefer these puffed varieties than actual crisps. They are quite strong in flavour, although I liked that and even the baby and the fussy 11 year old didn’t complain and happily munched their way through them.

They’re aimed at children, specifically as a healthy snack that could be popped into lunch boxes. Made from wholegrains and with only 85 calories per bag and no artificial colours or preservatives, they certainly seem to be a good option and I’d even eat these as a low calorie snack on my diet, after all your mind almost tricks you into thinking they’re naughty because they come in a crisp packet!

They also come in salt and vinegar (one we’re going to try) and prawn cocktail (one we’re less likely to try as we’re not too keen on that flavour) and we’ll definitely get the beef flavour again (read that as I’ll buy them for us and “accidentally” eat the lot) and are suitable for vegetarians – useful on the days when the fussy 11 year old decides she’s a veggie again!



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