Making time for me

Last week I was feeling a bit low as you could probably tell from my post rambling on about losing my temper, being sick of nagging everyone to clean up after themselves and feeling like a shell of my former self. I’m still not feeling great, although it did make me feel better to get it off my chest both here on my blog and to several people in “real” life.

One of the things I’m struggling with is not having any time for me, whether it’s at home or outside of the home, not living near family makes it difficult for me to plan anything because my partner often works late or gets stuck in traffic jams on the way home so a social life is pretty much impossible. I’ve kind of resigned myself to that, I went out at night with a friend last month for the first time in almost three years so that gives you an idea of the likelihood of me going out again any time soon, but I have decided to work on getting some much needed time on my own – with no kids or the man around (that doesn’t involve cleaning).

I actually got a lie in yesterday, the 11 year old was off school for the day, the man on a day off and when the baby woke up he was whisked off into the other room to give me my first lie in for months. I dozed for a bit then just enjoyed being on my own for a bit, I checked facebook and twitter, checked my emails, had a quick game on Golden Bingo and just generally enjoyed being left to my own devices for a few hours. I even got brought a coffee in at one point – that never happens!

Continuing with my plan for more me time and to help me shed a lot of unwanted pounds and get fitter, I joined a gym on Monday and my first session is today. By the time this post goes live I’ll be sweating it out in the gym, a place I haven’t set foot for almost six years! It kills two birds with one stone – the weight thing and the me time thing, so it sounds pretty good to me. I’ve even treated myself to a new pair of cropped joggers and some tops so I actually look the part when I’m working out too! Wish me luck!



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