15 months old

15 months and the little monster is positively dangerous! He’s always been rather adept at injuring himself, but this evil looking bruise he managed to give himself two weeks ago is definitely his best attempt at growing two heads so far!

DSCN19402It was every bit as horrific as it looks, he fell into the hard wooden base of our bed while charging around and within seconds it had welled up dark purple and like an egg where the bloody all rushed to the surface and of course he had a huge darker bruise down the middle of it where he caught it. My immediate reaction was to throw up, not that I did, but it was a real heart in the mouth moment and I thought he might have really hurt himself this time. I gave him a cuddle and mentally prepared myself for taking him to hospital but in under a minute he’d stopped crying and was squirming around trying to get off my lap and onto the floor again. As soon as I put him down he was laughing and running around so I knew that he was ok. Of course he was left with rather a nasty bruise on his head for a week, although it was no longer swollen by the following day. Two weeks on and you can still see the outline of where it was and the mark down the middle, hopefully it will go down soon. Do boys ever grow out of injuring themselves!?!

PicMonkey Collage 15 months

Of course it’s not been all injuries this month, the little monkey has been busying destroying all of his books (I mean all of them!), climbing the sofa (these days he doesn’t bother climbing actually he runs at it and throws himself up on the seat), hitting the park, beach and soft play centre. Having fun with nanny when she came to stay for a week and generally being a little monkey. He drew his first masterpiece, which is proudly displayed on the fridge for all to see and has had lots of fun with his little friends at the mum and baby group we go to.

The poor child suffered a haircut by me too! The hairdressers never seem to cut it short enough and are petrified of hurting him, I find that Baby Jake on tv and a biscuit keep him still enough for ten minutes for me to at least have a go at some semblance of a haircut and to be fair it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Plus I figure that if I completely screw it up I can just shave it all off, a fate I’d rather have suffered than the 2 inch thick fringe of doom that started at the back of my head my mum inflicted me with as a kid!

He seems to have an aversion to using cutlery, I suppose he has a point – why use something that slows you down when shoveling food into your mouth with your hands is so much quicker!?! Trying to help him results in being splattered with food flung from his spoon or if you’re really unlucky he launches his entire plate at you! I’m hoping he’ll come to like using them in future, I’ve tried having one spoon for me and one for him but that just results in him having a fit until he gets both of them for himself – to hold, not to use of course. He is perfectly capable of feeding himself with a fork or a spoon, he just can’t be bothered so I guess it’s just a case of waiting to see when he decides to start using them again and hope he doesn’t hurl food at anyone when we’re out!

He’s due an injection this week, although he probably wont have it for another week or two, but thankfully it’s his last one until he’s 3 and we’re hitting the slopes this week too, so it looks like month 16 is going to be eventful already!


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    Unfortunately there will be more injuries to come. At 15 months, I hoped it was a phase that would pass soon, but our 17 month old seems to be even more of a dare devil now!

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