Meal Planning Monday on a Tuesday – again!

meal planning mondayA very late meal plan this week, I blame my mum being here and being rather unorganised this week! We didn’t eat half of what I’d planned last week what with swapping meals around so some things are back on the menu this week again. I also ate out last night with my partner, we went to a gorgeous restaurant I’ve wanted to go to for the last 3 years and I wasn’t disappointed! I had an Argentinian steak and it was like butter, proper melt in your mouth, perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. It was without a doubt the best steak I’ve ever eaten and it was certainly worth waiting all that time for! Of course the diet took a bit of a battering but considering I haven’t been out without the kids since last summer I think I deserved it, plus we shared a starter and a dessert so I wasn’t that bad! I may have “accidentally” downed both mine and my partners caramel vodka shots though – oops!

As for last weeks meals, the mildly spiced beef from Nigel Slater was AMAZING, we all loved it, including the baby and the fussy 11 year old so that will definitely be made again! We had a gorgeous roast for Mother’s Day, made by me not for me unfortunately but it was delicious none the less and of course we enjoyed a curry too, although that was with a little help from the supermarket rather than homemade, but less work for me is always nice! So this week will go something like this:

Meat pie, mash & veg

Cajun chicken kebab

Chicken in a creamy tarragon sauce


Soup and toasties (we never have meat free meals or ones that don’t involve me cooking for at least 45 mins or more so this will make a nice change and save pennies too!)

Jacket potatoes with a choice of toppings (again I need to introduce more quick and easy meals and those that don’t involve huge portions. Usually I have a jacket potato with something else like steak or chicken but other people have just a jacket potato with a filling rather than cramming as much on their plate as possible – I will be thin, one day!)


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    I know how you feel on the not eating what was on last weeks meal plan. I always find at least one meal that doesn’t get cooked and eaten.

    Your meals sound yummy! And the toastie idea is one I utilise frequently.

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