Planning a children’s party? Try painting!

Face painting parties are such a great hit with kids of all ages, and there are lots of ways to set them up to suit your needs. It doesn’t need to be summer, or Halloween, and you don’t need to have a garden space to be able to have a successful face painting party. If you use a reliable paint product you don’t need to worry so much about mess, as the paint will be quick drying and easy to wash away. I would recommend using a wipeable tablecloth and removing any soft furnishings from the immediate vicinity. I have always used Snazaroo products, which are widely available. These paints are safe for sensitive skin (though always do a skin test first on the inner wrist to be precautious), are really quick to dry and easy to remove with soapy water.

Face paint girls

The Snazaroo website has a really useful kids birthday party ideas page, where you can download face painting invitations for boys, girls or mixed parties. There are also some thank you notes which could be put into party bags at the end of the day – if you wanted to continue the fun, maybe think about putting some transfer tattoos in the bags too!

If you want to do the face painting yourself rather than hiring specialists, it might be a good idea to get a couple of extra helpers as once the little guests have seen the fun start, they are going to want to get going straight away! Don’t be detracted if you have never done this before, do a couple of practices at home with your child, which will be great fun for you both.


Snazaroo have some really useful kids face paint beginners guides if you want some help getting started. Here you’ll learn about the tools you will need, some basic techniques as well as some step-by-step guides to learn some kids favourite designs including tigers, princesses and Halloween classics.

You might want to think about having a themed party, such as zoo animals or just letting each individual’s imagination run wild.


Whatever you decide, you will have created a party to remember for you child and their friends! Happy painting!

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