Choosing a cot

Sometimes, I can’t believe my little girl was born more than ten years ago. When I think back to all the trials and tribulations I had to go through when having a baby at the age of 20, I sometimes wonder how I managed it!

Even now, with my one-year-old son, I find some things just as tough as I did back then. Nothing major – mainly things like what clothes to buy my son, what baby toys to get him and what food to feed him.

I think something I spent the most time agonising over was what cot we needed to get for baby. Seriously; I must have looked at hundreds before finally settling on one.

Getting just the right cot can be a little challenging for first-time moms. It has to be right not just for the baby, but for you too. The people at Bambino Direct have come up with this list of things to consider when choosing a cot for your new-born.

Shop around

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This goes without saying, really. I certainly did my shopping around! Cots can cost a lot, so it’s always a good idea to check round and see if you can snag a good one cheaply.

Are you going to have any other kids?

I didn’t use my daughter’s old cot for my little boy, because after ten years in the attic it wasn’t in great condition. But if you’re expecting to have more than one bundle of joy, being able to pass down such a pricey item as a cot can be great for those purse strings.

Think about teething rails

Once your little one starts teething, she’s going to turn into a right little beaver! You don’t want her to hurt her little teeth, or start nomming away pieces of the top rails of the cot, so make sure your cot has teething rails.

Consider a cot bed

Cot beds might set you back a little more than standard cots at first, but they’re designed to be used a lot longer.

When your baby is still tiny, they give her plenty of room. When she gets older, you can easily convert it into a junior bed. This means it’s able to be used until she’s about 6 years old, depending on how quickly she grows!

Mattress height

It’s a good idea to get a cot with an adjustable mattress height. When your baby is tiny, it will need to be high so you can pick him up easily. When he learns how to sit up, the mattress should be lowered. Many cots have three height options, which is plenty.

Get something strong

This cot is going to need to withstand any knocks or bumps, especially if you end up having to move it around. Make sure you go for a cot with slatted rather than dowel sides.

Baby nursery room
And if you’re a bit of a Feng Shui freak, make sure your chosen cot looks good! You should really have your baby sleep in his cot in your room for the first few months, so try to get something that compliments your style too!


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