14 months old

So much for a month without any puking, a certain young man spent the day before he turned 14 months being sick and feeling rather sorry for himself. He perked up pretty quickly though and the following day he was a lot better, albeit rather pale.

The last month has been pretty uneventful other than that, unless you include his constant accidents caused by charging around like a bull in a china shop at every possible opportunity. He fell onto the corner of the divan, bumping his nose really hard and giving himself a black eye in the process and once that had almost disappeared he decided cutting his head would make a nice new addition to his rapidly growing list of injuries. He’s a walking accident at the moment, I really hope he grows out of it!

He’s as cuddly and adorable as ever and wanders over every so often to give me (and anyone else in the room) a great big kiss or a cuddle. He gets so excited when his dad comes in from work. If he hears his keys in the door he starts squealing “Dad” then waves his arms around and does a little dance before running off screaming in excitement. It’s hysterical when his dad arrives home just as he’s getting ready for the bath and is faced by a screaming naked baby charging towards him. When the phone rings or the door bell goes he says hello before I even answer it and he waves and squeals at his sisters school bus every day as it pulls in. I’m greeted every morning by a huge smile and a cuddle, what more can you ask for when starting your day?

He’s still chattering away at every possible opportunity, loves reading and is still Baby Jake’s biggest fan. He will eat anything I put infront of him, despite not being particularly keen on eating with a spoon or fork, he can do it he can just get the food in his mouth quicker using his hands so he tends not to bother, or accidentally keeps throwing them off his high chair so he doesn’t have to use them.

This next month he has a visit from his nan to look forward to, hopefully a few trips to the baby group and soft play center, and a day trip or two and hopefully now more accidents or being ill!

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