The one where the exercise pays off

>Back on the (diet) wagon again!It’s been a week of sweat and tears (literally at one point) but it seems to be paying off at least. After a week of the 30 day shred, well 5 days if you include the 2 days I was unable to do it due to severe pain in my knees I’ve managed to lose a pound and a brilliant 12 inches of flab! Although the weight loss isn’t particularly great, I keep reminding myself that if I lose a pound a week for a year that’s 52lb, which isn’t to be shrugged at! I am of course most impressed with my inch loss, 12 inches of wobbly bits have melted away and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s taking a while to get rid of the extra weight but the exercise is clearly helping to get rid of those unwanted inches. I won’t lie the 30 day shred is bloody hard work, 20 minutes sounds easy and I was surprised at how quickly it was over but after the first few days my knees just started giving up on me and on two days this week I simply couldn’t do it as I was in agony. I’ve heard lots of reasons for why the knees seem to be so badly affected by doing this particular set of exercises and it ranges from the warm up and cool down not being long enough to the muscles around the knees being too weak to support them and it does seem that lots of people have had the same problem as me, including fellow bloggers. I’m determined not to give up though so I’m modifying the exercises to suit me and if I can’t manage it one day then I do something else, some days it makes me feel so energised I’ve gone on to do an hour on the wii fit or Just Dance straight after. I’m also planning on continuing with level one for 30 days. You’re supposed to do each of the 3 levels for 10 days before moving on to the next, but I have a lot of weight to lose and slowing it down a bit will help my fitness levels increase (and hopefully allow my knees to get used to moving a bit again!) so that I can cope with the harder exercises as they increase in intensity.

I took these hideous photos 2 days after I started the 30 days shred last week:

front 03.02.2013
front 030213I can’t stand them, you can see every single ounce of flab from my flabby post baby stomach to my muffin top, fat arse, thunder thighs, back fat and massive bingo wings. I look like the michelin man! My pathetic shrunken boobs (thanks to breastfeeding) used to be the reason I couldn’t see my feet, these days they’ve shrunk while the rest of me has grown and now I can’t see my feet because of my huge stomach, surely the only reason for that should be pregnancy! I guess these revolting photos can only serve to spur me on when I feel like giving up. I actually want to wear something other than leggings or jeans and a long sleeve top this summer!

I’ve lost 1 stone 10lb since having the little monster so when you add it all together that is pretty good, it’s just a shame I originally lost 2 1/2 stone then went back up again! I’ll get there eventually, just need to keep going!


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      Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha it is rather scary! If you get the video on youtube it wont cost you anything so you have nothing to lose – except the use of your knees lol! I watched it first which I’d recommend so you know what you’re letting yourself in for and just modify the exercises to suit you. I can’t do the abs work as my back is knackered so I do the only abs exercise I can and some extra weights on the floor. Press ups I do standing now to aleviate the pain in my knees and you can even do jumping jacks and the bum kicks completely differently too like I used to in my old aerobics class and they work just as well. You think it’s 20 mins I can do that but when you go from nothing to 20 mins every day its a bit of a bugger!

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    12 inches is an amazing loss, having done level 2 and 3 I will say that they are both quite stressful on the knees (although you can of course moderate the exercises) so you’re probably wise to stick with level 1 for the time being until your knees improve – it’s clearly working for you. x

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    honestly 12 inches in one week is bloody brilliant!!! that must be giving you so much more motivation to keep going despite the knee problems. well done also for posting your photos – its not easy to see ourselves blasted ion the internet BUT it spurred me on to keep going and it will be good to look back on each week and see the difference in your body.
    you will do this and by the summer you will be able to get into those clothes that you dream off wearing :)
    well done and keep up the shredding!!! x x

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      Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha I’m not as brave as you are! Thank you for all your encouragement you’re all doing a wonderful job of keeping me on track x

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