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Win a Personal Planner or Notebook

Another great competition, this time from You can win a gorgeous personalised Personal Planner or Notebook which can be fully customised, just how you want it!

These are some examples of what you can do with your planner or notebook:

Personal Planner

Personal Planner gives you the flexibility to design a unique planner to your own taste, design and style.
Choose your cover:
  • Choose from a range of different designs and images
  • Or add your own
  • Add text

Then customise your content:

  • Choose the way your week is laid out
  • Add clever boxes to keep track of your work, exercise schedule, to do lists, ideas and much more

You can add special dates/birthdays/occasions, which you can even choose to import from Facebook!

There’s also plenty of space at the back which can be formatted how you choose:
  • For notes
  • Writing your own music
  • The years overview
  • Or have fun with pages of sudoko or colouring
As for the notebooks you can choose which type of paper you want in there (lined, ruled, graph and more) as well as personalising your front cover with the image or design of your choice. 
So to win your choice of notebook or personal planner in any size of your choice all you need to do is complete the following Rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: I have been provided with my own planner/notebook as a thank you for hosting this competition

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56 Responses

  1. Ruth says

    I’ve tried to keep it all on my phone and on work online calender, but there is nothing quite like being able to write it all down!

  2. Jo welsh says

    The A5 size

  3. Laura Farnworth says

    I think I’d want A5, these are really cool!

  4. katie skeoch says

    A large notebook – perfect for me & would fit in my bag :)

  5. vicky M says

    I would go for the small personal planner

  6. Carolin says

    I like the A5 one as there’s a lot of space for everything that I need to cram into one day


  7. Tina Holmes says

    Erm the A4 I think

  8. Diane Carey says

    A4 :) thanks

  9. Hazel Rea says

    A4 so I could keep all the information I need in one place!

  10. Kalli says

    I LOVE these personal planner/ notebooks – both sizes are actually quite lovely, but I think I prefer the smaller one. I really need a family planner, in my life… Thanks for the giveaway. x

  11. Jane Willis says

    I’d choose the A5 one

  12. Mummypinkwellies says

    I think I’d go for an A5 notebook :)

  13. nicola t says

    i would choose an a5 one

  14. Stephanie says

    Love that idea! I am still refusing smart phones, but finding a note book or personal planner that fits MY needs has been hard. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    • Stephanie says

      Oh, and I’d LOVE the A5 planner!!

  15. Alex T says

    Ooooh, hard to decide, but probably a small one so I can carry it around everywhere with me

  16. mummysknee says

    I’d get the A5 one as this works best for me for both home & on the move. Lovely prize x

  17. says

    The A5 one is a perfect size, great for the handbag and to fit in all my busy mum stuff!!

  18. Shelley Jessup says

    I’d love a task/notebook with a picture of Hudson on it. I think an A5 would be perfect.

  19. Samantha Fernley says

    Love the Medium Blog Planners, really useful x

  20. Helen Porter says

    id choose the A5 one perfect for planning and handbag sized!

  21. Sarah says

    A4 or A5 would be fab. Thanks for the chance to win x

  22. Adele crozier says

    A5 need something for my Cakery notes xxx

  23. Rebecca says

    A medium one I think

  24. tamalyn roberts says

    i think a5 would be great, not too small that i would lose it and still small enough to fit in my bag! i am aways forgetting things so it would be handy lol

  25. Rachel says

    I would choose the A5 size Planner x

  26. Zoe Corkhill (Mama Geek) says

    I would choose a medium one so it fits in my bag!

  27. Attachment Mummy says

    Would love a large A4 one.

  28. twopointfourchildren says

    I would love an A4 notebook

  29. hazel rigazio says

    I would choose an A5 one

  30. Erica Price says

    I’ve got my eye on a large blog planner.

  31. Louise says


  32. Diane Cooper says

    I would choose the A5 notebook.

  33. Mummy Matters says

    I would like A5 please

  34. Johnson Babies says

    Love the A5 planner

  35. Lisa says

    I would choose a medium planner @1moaningmummy

  36. Baby Comp Weekly - A Round-up of some Fab Competitions from across the Mummy and Daddy Blogging Community | says

    [...] Win a Personal Planner or Notebook with Mummy Reinvented. [...]

  37. Sue Tyler says

    A5 size

  38. ToastingMarshmallows says

    I would like the A5 planner :)

  39. katrina day-reilly says

    A4 please

  40. Lauren says

    I’d choose the medium notebook.

  41. ET Speaks From Home says

    notebook A5 thanks

  42. Domestic Goddesque says

    Medium looks perfect :D

  43. Debbie O'Connor says

    I’d have an a5 one please

  44. Mel Briscoe says

    I would choose an A5 one

  45. anna m says

    a5 would be good for me

  46. Cathy Glynn says

    I would love an A5 one x

  47. Michelle Haslett says

    I’d love the A5 size… just a little bit over excited at this!!

  48. Nickie says

    It would have to be an A5 for a project I have in mind.

  49. Sara says

    These are great I would love a A5 one x

  50. Emma says

    I would choose a medium planner.

  51. Gillian Holmes says


  52. Angela says

    I would choose a medium planner

  53. Helen Dickinson says

    An A3 one :) x

  54. June Seghni says

    This would be perfect for me; I’m sitting here squinting through some old specs because I can’t find my current ones..I need organising, and fast!

    • June Seghni says

      forgot to say (typically!) A5 would be great if I were lucky..

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