It was the birthday cake that did it!

Birthday CakeCheck this bad boy out! Rainbow chip cake with white chocolate buttercream and white chocolate ganache as requested by my now 11 year old daughter for her birthday last weekend. It was gorgeous if I do say so myself and absolutely packed full of calories as you can imagine.

Needless to say I didn’t lose any weight this week. I stayed the same again. Not that I mind, a birthday comes but once a year and all that and a few slices of cake in a week never hurt anyone! The next birthday’s mine and that’s 6 months away so I won’t have an excuse to bake anymore huge birthday cakes for a while so I’m hoping the diet won’t stall again for a while like it has these last two weeks.

Last week was the end of the Thinking Slimmer study I’ve been taking part in for the last 12 weeks and I’m actually thinking of buying myself another SlimPod. The results in the first two weeks of listening to the SlimPods were brilliant, I wasn’t eating as much, gave myself smaller portions and was losing weight, after that I continued to give myself smaller portions and started loading up on more fruit and veg (for someone who doesn’t usually eat fruit and veg that’s a pretty big achievement) and kind of took them for granted despite them being new healthier habits that I’d developed thanks to the SlimPod, it seems that it’s my chocolate/cake addiction rather than my actual meal times that I need to work on now because it’s that little habit that is stopping me from losing weight. I’m looking at either the Beat that sweet tooth SlimPod or the Take the chunky chocoholic cure one so if any of you have tried one of these do let me know what you think!

Other than the food related benefits, the most welcome benefit of the SlimPods have been the increase in my confidence and my change in attitude towards dieting and any lack of weight loss. I’ve been so conscious of my weight to the point where I’ve avoided any baby groups and soft play centres like the plague, but in the last twelve weeks you can’t keep me out of them! I’ve found a great baby group where there’s lots of music, dancing and structured activity for the little ones making cliquey bitchy mothers almost an impossibility where they simply don’t have time for it and have literally been crawling on my hands and knees around the soft play centre with my little one without a care in the world. My daughter is loving the new more confident me too, I take her horseriding (haven’t ventured on a horse myself yet, despite the girl at the stables telling me I should, but once I’ve lost a few stone I will be straight on a horse and riding out with my girl) and to lots of places I wouldn’t have previously ventured with her. Yesterday we spent an hour running around on the beach, it was great and they both had a whale of a time, as did I! I hope my confidence will continue to grow as I lose weight, I’m never going to be one to don a bikini in the summer (wouldn’t inflict that on anyone!) but not waiting until everyone leaves the pool at night will be a nice change!

How did you do on your diets this week?

Oh and don’t forget you’ve only got until the 31st to enter my competition to win a set of wifi smart scales and a wireless activity tracker from FitBit!


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    Sounds like the SlimPod really worked for you. I’ve also just ended my 12 weeks on the slimpod too and all I can say is how easy it was. I lost weight without even trying. I’ve got the Take the chunky chocoholic cure and I find it really good. Good luck for next week and don’t forget to keep listening to the slimpod when you feel you need a “top up” x

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      Mum Reinvented says

      That’s good to hear, chocolate and cakes etc are my downfall so i’m hoping if I can get my cravings for them under control I’ll be able to lose a bit more weight in future! x

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      Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha makes a change, must be eating ok at other times as usually I pile it on if I eat any cakes/chocolate! Ok no probs, it closes at midnight on Thursday. Good Luck!

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