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Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning MondayAnother Monday already! Last week we deviated a bit from the plan as we had visitors and there may have been a birthday visit to McDonald’s for my daughter, but on the whole the food I cooked from the Weight Watchers recipes I found was lovely, especially the creamy tarragon chicken, you’d never have guessed it wasn’t absolutely packed full of fat! I’m trying to carry on in the same vein with healthy meals this week in an attempt to keep the weight loss going, although there may have been a few slices of birthday cake consumed this weekend that may well prevent that – oh well it was delicious if I do say so myself!




Steak and chips


Spaghetti bolognaise


Chicken paprika with wedges and roasted veg







Click on the Meal Planning Monday image above to be taken to At Home With Mrs M to see more meal plans this week.

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12 Responses

  1. Mrs M says

    Steak and chips? That’s a must for this week I think! Yum. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Mama Owl says

    What a yummy sounding week, especially the chicken paprika! x

  3. Emma T says

    Love meatballs, but my OH moans. May have to change my plan to do those on Saturday when he’s not around!

    • Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha mine moans as I put chorizo in the sauce, mind you I put it in practically everything so I guess I should expect the odd moan as he can’t stand it!

  4. Emma The Mini Mes and Me says

    Steak and chips rock my world, love them. Good luck with the weight loss lovely x

    • Mum Reinvented says

      Thanks x

  5. Kim Carberry says

    Ohhh….I haven’t had meatballs in ages too! May be an idea for next week for us :)

    • Mum Reinvented says

      I love meatballs, I get my daughter to make them for us though, saves me getting my hand dirty ;-)

  6. OneDad3Girls says

    What a good week, steak, curry and meatballs.

    I’ll be round on those days

    • Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha will save you some ;-)

  7. Natasha McMurdock says

    Sounds like a delicious week!

  8. Barenakedmummy says

    Ooh, haven’t had meatballs in ages – may have to add it to next week’s list!


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